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Readers Respond: Head Lice Trials and Tribulations

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Updated February 21, 2009

can't stand it

I've had lice for a while and they just won't go away! It's so hard cause when the girls are getting ready you have to do your hair before you go over just so they don't find out. I urge all parents to be on top of this cause I know my parents aren't and I have to do most of it myself. I just want to get a proper haircut from the hair dressers.
—Guest J

it keeps coming home

Our step-daughter visits every other weekend. She brought lice home with her 5 weeks ago. Every time her mother says she is clean and she comes to visit I have found more on her head. We were all clean up until 2 days ago. My oldest son had it. We shaved his head and crazy cleaned the house. He is now free. I went to be checked this morning and found out I have it. I am 9 months pregnant due any day. We are trying a natural method of tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, olive oil and shampoo. Wish me luck because the chance of my newborn getting it can be high. Just when you think you are in the clear watch out. My advice is if you have children between split homes as much as it stinks to not see them, ensure that they have been taken to a health department for a initial check and then a 7 day check before allowing them in your home again. It's too hard to keep dealing with it especially when you have other children that suffer.
—Guest Ruth

Listen Up

My mom's a hygiene freak. It all started when my dad found out I had lice. He nearly burned my head with constant shampoo treatment, but my mom found out. She went hysterical. She checked all my stuff and even after making put the shampoo several more times, cutting away a lot of my hair, combing my scalp with her own comb (tht grossed me out a lot), and washing all my things, and nit picking for half an hour, even though there ain't nothing left, I still have to shave zero, and so will she by next week. My sis doesnt have to do it, neither does my dad. Lice are hell, and for all people with questions, lice can't fly neither can they jump careful, any hair drops anywhere with an egg on it could infect people, and its okay if you find white stuff after treatment, those are the corpses basically. Shaving zero is by far the best one, and remember, lice prefer cleaner and longer hair; they are parasites and they suck your blood.
—Guest anonymous


i got lice i was so mad at my cousin becasue she gave them to me because we shared a room i was about 5 my mom just combed my hair a lot but she also killed my cousin lice i was so happy cuz i have super long hair and curly so it gets tanged a lot so when she combed my hair was always messy it took days and a lot of hard work but she did use a shampoo to kill him i was so happy that i cried now i am so happy i never got them again if i ever got those monsters again i will cut all my hair.but i proplaly wont get them anytime soon
—Guest pinko


i went to camp and aparently i just found out that the friend i hung out with the whole week had headlice!!! So my mom checked my hair and we only found 2 adults and alot of eggs. do i need to put my stuff in bags? is it really necessary? (Note from Rod: Finding adult lice means you're infested. Read the associated article on how to get rid of lice.)
—Guest guest katey

headlice- ARGH

i caught headlice from one of the kids at school, and we dont know who. my hair was really long and thick, down to my waist. anyway we tried everything, shampooing, combing, all of the home remedies. eventually i just asked my mum to buzz my hair like my brothers, and now there are no more problems, and cos i am a teenager no-one even bats an eyelid about my lack of hair. so if in doubt, just cut their hair, it works, and its really fast, hair grows
—Guest helen

I hate lice!!!

ok it started from my grandma cause she didn't care if I got lice so she came into my house and used my brush she checked my head later on and there were a ton of nits. I cried so hard. I delt with it for a while these little buggers survived 10 different shampoos and sprays. It's like I am about to go crazy cause I am only 9. It stinks and when I got rid of it my friend ended up giving it to me again but the thing that works is the robI comb my mom went online and saw the robI comb it works really good it shocks the bugs so they die. Hopefully that worked because if it doesnt then I am doomed and actually might end up shaving my head! I AM TIRED OF THE LICE!!!
—Guest cryer110


i used to have nits my mum said and my head used be itchy all the time i used nit stuff from my pharmacy and my mummy combed my hair now when my brother checks my hair i have little hard brown things and im scared because my hair still gets itchy in places and my mum says its just dead eggs and dry scalp so what is it??
—Guest katrina bickerstaff

Someone told me to check!

Just now, my best friend texted me to say that "Two girls in the kid's play have lice! Your sister has been hanging around them all the time. if you hugged one of them, get your mom to check you!!!" I am scared so badly right now.. i have read all of these things, and how i'm supposed to clean EVERYTHING!!! it's 12:20 at night here. I need to be checked pronto! I haven't noticed my head kind of itching since i looked on line at the symptoms. It's probably just a psychological thing... but i have really long hair and i don't want to deal with that! i'm sorta taking a comb to see if any come out around my ears, but i can't seem to find any. i guess i should change my bed sheets. i don't want my friends to think i'm disgusting for having lice, (if i have them, please pray for me!!!) because i am in theater and i am currently helping out with a kid's daycamp and don't want to give any of the kiddo's lice! my hair is down to my bum, and curly and blonde! i sure hope i don't have any! pray!
—Guest Jessica

Getting rid of lice again

I am a mother of three. we all have lice, not sure where it came from, but I tried using nix, and combing out the nits. It worked for a couple of days. Then we all started itching again. I washed all of our blankets and vacuumed the carpet. I left all the toys and things that coulnt be washed alone. I'm afraid that I missed something and that is why we have it again, i have no clue.
—Guest Melanie

I am scared

Hi, well I have had lice for over a year now and I have just started researching about them. I've tryed everything to get them away. Then I went on this website and it said I have to shave my head, but I seriously dont want to I'll comb them out every day, but I just wish they would go away, I've never been to a hairdressers
—Guest danni

I HAVE IT.- lice,

It all started with my scalp really itchy but i have always had an itchy scalp because i wash my hair everyday. so when i noticed my ears really itchy and also my neck i began to wonder why--But i didnt say anything. About 1 week later my dad and i were driving and he was talking to me annd he looked at my hair and said "KATIE YOU HAVE LICE! I SAW LIKE FOUR CRAWLING!!" i got kinda scared because i had it for about a week --so hurrying me and my dad went to buy Nix And he washed my hair and combed out my hair for about 2 hours. My head is still itchy but that is the side effect but i have some white things either nits that hatched or have not or maybe dandruff? So i have to cope with this. Hopefully those nasty bug things will burn in hell.
—Guest Infested kiddo.

Enough Already

My son got lice from somewhere over a month ago. We have taken all the right steps and we can't get rid of them. Last week I shaved his head, at his request and I cut my long hair off. Everything we own is still in quarentine. We had just moved into a house with no washer and dryer and the expense of laundry alone is killing us. Now that school is out for the summer I am hoping it is over. However school is only out for two months. Is there no way to prevent this from coming back? That is, if we can actually get rid of it that is.
—Guest Mary

I hate lice!

Ok, so I went over my friends house for Christmas vacation. One of her mom's friends daughter came over. We were playing with her hair and i found lice! They were very small and dark brown. We had her mom check her and the mother didnt see anything! Me and my friend were the only ones who could find the lice in her hair! And I never got it. Lice must hate my hair which is a good thing! I have gotten checked by the school nurse and the doctor. There are soo many head lice outbreaks at my school.
—Guest Sara

I'm fed up.

I am fed up with head lice. I myself have them (i am in 9th grade) and have had them on and off since 3rd..I sound really disgusting, but I've done all the treatments and I comb them all out and I comb it every other day when I come out the shower. And if I can not do it for a week and I've got them again. So i get the mayo out and do it again and its all fine then something always happens and I get them back. I'm too embarrassed to ask my friends if they have them because I'm a wimp. I really hate it. If any parents are reading this. Go and check your children's hair. Please. I always look around to see if anyone is looking at my hair and I'm always feeling it to see if any bugs are on the surface. Don't let them get like me. thank you for reading..
—Guest Carla

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