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Don't get Burned - or at Least Know What to Do


Oh sweet sunshine! There can really be too much of a good thing. If you stay in the warm rays too long, know what to do.

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First Aid Spotlight10

First Aid Phraseology: Emergencies

Emergencies: How can you tell if it's really bad enough for an ambulance?

First Aid Phraseology: Lacerations or Incisions

Not that it matters when you're bleeding to death, but what is the difference between a laceration and an incision?

How to Tell It's NOT a Brown Recluse

Use these steps and pictures to rule out 99% of the spiders that aren't brown recluses.


Believe it or not, just because a person has sustained a life-threatening injury doesn't mean he wants your help. In fact, you could be breaking the law.

First Aid Phraseology: Emergency Room or Emergency Department

Does it really matter? Don't they all provide the same care -- or not?

First Aid Phraseology: Venomous or Poisonous

What's the difference between venomous and poisonous? Does it matter if you're still dead?

Complications of Childbirth

Delivering a baby at home is fine with the right training and preparation. But, you have to know what can go wrong.

2015 CPR Guidelines

Every 5 years the AHA comes out with its CPR guidelines. What do you think they'll be in 2015?

First Aid Phraseology: Emergency. Do You Know How to Tell?

One of the greatest ego boosts any paramedic or EMT can get is to visit a kingergarten class to show off the ambulance. These kids treat us like rockstars. Did

First Aid Phraseology: Lacerations or Incisions, Do You Know Which Makes the Cut?

Jagged, ripped and torn apart, lacerations bear no art. Incisions, though, have grace and grand design. The lowly laceration is the work of twisted metal

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