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Don't get Burned - or at Least Know What to Do


Oh sweet sunshine! There can really be too much of a good thing. If you stay in the warm rays too long, know what to do.

Hot Summer Stuff
First Aid Spotlight10

How to Assess a Stroke

When you believe you or someone else might be having a stroke: Think FAST!

First Aid Phraseology: Emergencies

Emergencies: How can you tell if it's really bad enough for an ambulance?

First Aid Phraseology: Lacerations or Incisions

Not that it matters when you're bleeding to death, but what is the difference between a laceration and an incision?

How to Tell It's NOT a Brown Recluse

Use these steps and pictures to rule out 99% of the spiders that aren't brown recluses.


Believe it or not, just because a person has sustained a life-threatening injury doesn't mean he wants your help. In fact, you could be breaking the law.

First Aid Phraseology: Emergency Room or Emergency Department

Does it really matter? Don't they all provide the same care -- or not?

First Aid Phraseology: Venomous or Poisonous

What's the difference between venomous and poisonous? Does it matter if you're still dead?

Complications of Childbirth

Delivering a baby at home is fine with the right training and preparation. But, you have to know what can go wrong.

2015 CPR Guidelines

Every 5 years the AHA comes out with its CPR guidelines. What do you think they'll be in 2015?

First Aid Phraseology: Emergency. Do You Know How to Tell?

One of the greatest ego boosts any paramedic or EMT can get is to visit a kingergarten class to show off the ambulance. These kids treat us like rockstars. Did

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