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Readers Respond: Sounding Off About Spider Bites

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Updated March 02, 2009

Didn't know for a week?

Noticed itching at what later became the "bite" site but was not very intense UNTIL one week later when I noticed the "fang" marks and swelling with a blister appearing at the end of my thumb (the bite was on the back of my hand). 2 days later heading to the Urgent Care for a tetanus shot and antibiotics for the SEVERE pain in my whole arm and the blisters are up to my elbow. The pain from the swelling and infection is like no other. 2 weeks later still watching the blisters with redness surrounding and continued swelling and pain. Going to see Primary physician today. HOW? Oh yes, was collecting eggs and believe it WAS a black widow - killed 2 in this area yesterday - won't put my hands in there again. Just want to feel better !!!!

Black Widow?

Itching near nose nasal. Then swelling. Dr. prescribed for staff infection. Now ok! Then have had 7 more bites with dual punctures. No pain but have now sore legs when walking my dogs. May be from spider bites?

Hotel Spider

I was in a hotel and woke up to bites all over my back arms legs hands it wasn't to bad cause I caught it on time. But I was scared didn't know what to do the Dr. Put neosporin on it and it did the trick.


I was bite on the right forearm Sept. 2008, I have gone through it all. My arm swelled & opened up raw and oozing. 5 Drs. didn't know what to do other than antibiotics. I broke out in a nasty rash across my chest & down left arm.It gradually covered my body & itched like crazy. My feet & legs swell, my ankles were as big as my thighs. My face swelled and got so red people thought I had been flashed burnt. I lost my hair &25 lbs. As I scratched white hard sand like came out of my skin. One time my right elbow got so swollen I could pump brown liquid out of 2 holes just by flexing my arm. It was a year &1/2 before I found a herbalist that told me to take Virginia snakeroot. Now I have 1/2 the pain ,still itch and have hard dry skin with bumps that are very irritating. My lympe knods were so full one Dr. insisted on a mamogram . I had many foot bath detoxs. I have no stamina now but am better. It's been a hard time. I saw the spider as I flung him off me it was like a brown walnut legs
—Guest JEANE


Well its like this....I woke up yesterday and right away my arm starts itching...I looked at the area and noticed 3 puss filled sacs not very big...Didn't think of a spider right off. My first thought was shingles. Haven't saw an outbreak or anything just assumed because of the location on my body!!! Anyway the blisters are really painful and they are in pattern...There are three of them... I am not felling so well. I am in pain, and very dizzy....
—Guest JENA

will spiders plot revenge

I know this sound crazy. I killed some sac spiders and now they are chasing me.
—Guest John

Unitentified spider bite

i was raking leaves, etc on a Saturday. On Sunday afternoon, i went to squat down and I had a "pimple" looking bump on the anterior part of my ankle. It hurt really bad and felt like needles poking me. I got home, soaked a needle in Isopropol Alcohol, & inserted it into the spot. Nothing bus seous drainage came out. i covered it & went to bed. Next morn I went to work, it was red and sore. I was on my feet for 12 hrs, went home, got back up the next dat to go to work again. this day is was terribly painful, red, swollen and bulging.. by the end of the night I was in so much pain but no drainage. Wed am I went to the ED and they said it was severe cellulitis, had a red streak halfway up my shin. Got IV Clindamycin, Vicodin and sent home. Seen my Dr. 2 days later, then 4 days later, then 5 days later. Been doing warm soaks 4 x's a day.It has finally drained gross grayish brown drainage everyday. i can see my ankle bone but cant wear a sock shoe. It peeled my skin off as well..
—Guest Debbie,NY

Possible Spider Bite

One morning i woke up with the upper part of my right leg red a a little swollen it looked like i had poured boiling water on myself it did not hurt but itched like crazy i scratched like crazy it started to peel like after a week like if i were shedding my skin i am unsure what happened ? I am also a diabetic ,, but it has healed pretty good other than a little dryness.
—Guest mrs.B

bit while i was sleeping

i didnt feel it but the next morning i there was a little red bump on the back of my neck and it iched + it hurt. over the next few hours i didnt think much about it and then it started to ooze some kind of stuff.
—Guest dcrazyfrog

Still suffering nearly 2 years later

I live in Wales & we`re not known for spider bite problems. I didn`t know it at the time but the pain I felt in my leg that was prolonged, like a large needle, was the bite of a spider. I know that because I found his body in my chair some days later. I`m so glad I didn`t know it at the time! Within a week, a group of little sacs had appeared around the main red area (the bite) and the itch and burning sensation was severe and steadily got worse. I went to the doctor as soon as I could and was given antibiotic cream. It took about a month before the symptoms subsided, leaving red blotches that remain on the skin. Nearly 2 years later I am still almost continually feeling a burning sensation (but not itching) as if my leg was in front of a fire. I`ve found nowhere else except this site that talks about this problem. Well, I am hoping that this will be the extent of the after effects & no more itching.

spider bite possibly black widow

not sure what type bit me but felt some irritation on skin on the first day. I didn't know i was bit by a spider until the nexzt day when I saw two small punctures that was scabbed. I was bit on the elbow. only a small area was feeling irritable. no swelling, or redness. Just numb like feeling
—Guest subzero

Possible Spider Bite or Hives?

I was sitting at my desk and suddenly my leg started itching. I did not see any spider, but it came on very suddenly. My leg got a 2 inch in diameter red, itchy, hard, hot welt. Days later you can see that it appears to be two bites near each other. I now have two other similar large, red bites on other parts of my legs. Is it a bite or a hive? I am leaning towards bite because they are not all over my body or even all over my legs, just four of them. Also, there is no puss or broken skin.
—Guest Rachel S

Bite keeps re appearing in same area!

I got bit last April by a spider. It was nasty looking at first and i got antibiotics. My pain felt like it was biting me all the time on that same toe. It keeps re appearing on the same toe with the pain every 5 months.
—Guest Dee

spider bites

on tuesday 9th nov 2010 i gathered up my quilt and felt intense burn, i of course lifted my arm and bingo there was the spider, now i didnt know uk spiders bite, but boy they do, i caught him and dispatched him. i panicked as my arm swelled immeadiately and phoned ambulance in my haste and was diverted to nhs direct here in uk, all they said was to calm, well by this point my fingers were numb totally ice cold, then was told to go to pharmacy and get benadryl antihistimine, which i promptly did. well the last seven days been hell, nausea, lack of eating, or keeping food or drink down, bruising all over my body in patches and also itchy and burning from bite wound and yes u can see the bite marks! i have been suffering with stomach, abdomen and kidney pains even a week later i not very well so visiting docs on wed 17th to sort out. tonight 15th its itchy as anything so tempted to cut it out but many of u said to leave be. so will try. i live in uk and no one has heard of spider biting

My brown recluse bite

Last summer I was sleeping in a lodge at the lake for 4th of July, next morning I woke up and found a little red bump on my elbow, thought nothing of it. By the next morning it was swollen about as big as a softball. Went to the doctor, she gave me shots for MRSA (WITHOUT CULTURING), later the puss pocket fell out and after taking a real doctors advice, it eventually healed, now I have a small pink scar that raises off the skin on my elbow. Doctor said I was extremely lucky it didnt sink to my bone!
—Guest Jesi

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