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Readers Respond: Diarrhea Remedies

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Updated December 01, 2010

From the article: Stop Diarrhea
Besides medication, what diarrhea remedies do you use? These diarrhea remedies come from readers just like you. Diarrhea affects everybody. Sometimes it's your body's way of getting rid of nasty bugs in your gut. Sometimes it's because of medications ridding your body of all the good bugs in your gut. Sometimes it's just diarrhea. Feel free to add your own diarrhea remedy to the list. Just remember: no medications.

How to stop Diarrhea

By drinking cassafied with little water contained in it,immediately after the last stool
—Guest Osagie Godson

Ease off stressful foods

A little meat or fish is not harmful, but try to avoid big meals that are a lot of work for the digestion to break down & move along. Treat yourself to soups, fresh juices (carrot is helpful) and nutritious simple foods like boiled chicken and boiled potatoes. Avoid fried or spicy or sugary for the time. Enjoying many small snacks is better than eating a few large meals.
—Guest TO Guest

Quick garden cure

I use the seeds from the plantago weeds in my garden...a couple of plants give me a tablespoon size serving. Common Plantain provides psyllium which acts as a great natural remedy. The same compound is marketed in many commercial remedies.
—Guest Brian Phaneuf

Fast way to get relaxed from Diarrhea

Eat as much as you can specially hard things like bread, fried rice, bananas, yogurt and all above drink alot of water.in water put some sugar & salt together for taste. This remedy will help you to recover fast.
—Guest Asif Syeed Shah

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