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Readers Respond: What Are Your Nausea Remedies?

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Updated March 11, 2009

The pink stuff

About all I know to do is take Pepto Bismol or a generic version. And hope! I'd rather have a root canal than nausea and vomiting.
—Guest Ken

Seems to work

I suck on a lemon half and eat saltines and regular old apple sauce.
—Guest Ashley


I haven't found something that works always but sometimes taking a cold glass of water, squirting half a lime and some salt and drinking it can help. Also licking lime with salt may help, too. Thirdly and lastly, vomiting the food is the option.
—Guest Fari


I do a few things when feeling nauseated...lick some salt, just a tad in the palm of your hand. Take an empty water bottle & fill with hot water and place on your stomach (on top of shirt)...ice cold water to drink, suck on a peppermint,..eat something salty but not with too much taste, I do pretzels...& lastly good ole fashioned alka seltzer really works!!!
—Guest WhoDat25

Eating and Keeping hands warm

My favorite method of getting rid of nausea is actually eating solid food. It gets rid of that empty feeling that can exist and gives you energy for your brain. Another thing I heard about that astronaut use for motion sickness is keeping their hands warm. I use this one quite often. They say if your hands are at least 10 degrees warmer than the rest of your body you won't be nauseous.
—Guest Jimbob

simple natural tips

i get motion sickness really easily, so nausea is something im kind of used to.. but sucking on a orange peel really does help get rid of it, or catching a breeze in the wind.. also just putting something cold against your head.. when i go on a trip iv always got my orange with me.. try it.. it works
—Guest Summer

Tips to help Nausa.

In the middle of the night last night, I woke feeling very dizzy, nauscious and with a weird feeling in the stomache and I felt like I needed to vomit. It was caused from stress and anxiety. As I had a test the next day, presentation and a few challenges through out the day. I did this and felt better in 20 minutes and fell to sleep: 1.) Drink cold water. (sometimes lemonade works- but not in the middle of the night). 2.) Slow, deep breathing. 3.) Relax. It made me feel much better!I did not end up going to school the next day anyway - due to the nausa- I hate it!
—Guest Ash


spin around. throw up. throwing up really is the best and worst way to relieve nausea.
—Guest guest shane

Rubbing Alcohol

We learned this one after my daughter's surgery, when the nurse gave her an alcohol swab to hold beneath her nose while waiting for the IV anti-nausea medication to be administered. Worked like a charm!
—Guest Sarah

lemon sherberts

i suffer really badly from morning sickness. i throw up everyday at least twice a day. i have constant nausea but it seems to subside when i suck on sherbet lemon sweets.
—Guest morning sickness sufferer


vomiting is my phobia, i carry around a bottle of smelling salts, found at you local jamaican store, works like a charm
—Guest danielle


a little salt on my tongue helps relieve nausea immediately.
—Guest tam_e


i get nausea every time i take a tablet, sour slurpees always makes it better even tho its very cold in sydney at the moment, still cold slurpees are very good to cure nausea and taste goooood :D
—Guest lelo

How to cure it

I usually like to suck on mints. It somehow clears the head, and therefore, makes you feel better. The cold, wet towel helps me to. Also, a nice hot or cold shower helps a LOT!
—Guest Guest Emily

Deep Breaths

Sometimes when I feel nauseous I'll sit on the ground with my back slouched against some support (a wall or couch, anything sturdy) and do deep-breathing exercises. Remember to hold your breath in for around a second, breathing in and out too fast can cause even more dizziness.
—Guest Josh
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