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The Doctor Said It was "Normal"

Submit an Entry: First Aid for Shortness of Breath

By Carol Butzman

Updated February 06, 2011

My Breathing Illness (Or Lack Of)

Since 9/09. Sepsis. Due to face peel. Became staph. In hospital for a week. On a ventilator for a few days. I also told my doctor that I also have experienced chest pain. This happened about three or four months after my illness in 9/09. Since then I become winded for no reason. Just walking down the hall at my work causes me to become short of breath. I use an Advair Disc and allbuterol for immediate treatment.

I wonder what disease I could have that causes this.

What Happened

Well, I no longer get face peels.

I had blisters covering my entire face. Even in my eyes.

I am so fortunate to have had a team of professionals working on me.

They literally saved my life.

I had MRSE not MRSA. They are both life threatening illnesses.

I had pneumonia even when I left the hospital.

I used oxygen at home for two weeks 24/7.

I missed a month of work and I am self employed.

We experienced a financial crisis. I can never recoup the $ we lost.

I have not recovered my health since this incident. I have had shortness of breath since 0/9/2010.

Lessons Learned

  • I should have gone to the ED as soon as I felt short of breath. I waited almost too long. I'm here today because I called 911.
  • I had a lot of excruciating pain and when the doctor said it was "normal" I let her convince me that I was over reacting.

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