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Share Your Story: What Did You Do to Treat Head Lice?

By rasagopi

Updated July 03, 2010

What I use to beat head lice

Generic brand mouthwash ('regular' flavor), vinegar, nit comb and conditioner.

How I use it

Soak hair with mouthwash, rub into scalp, and bag up (we used cheap disposable bathing caps -- they need to have a snug fit -- or use saran wrap, plastic bags tightly wrapped, etc.).

Let mouthwash sit for 2 hours.

Rinse with vinegar (white or apple cider), and leave on for 1 hour -- again, with cap or wrap.

Wash out with shampoo and leave conditioner in for comb thru with nit comb.

Finish rinsing conditioner out, and rub diluted tea tree oil (as strong as you can easily bear, smell-wise) into scalp. Blow dry hair completely -- making sure to really blast the scale area (hot as you can take it w/o burning).

We kept the child sleeping on the couch until infestation was gone -- the couch was covered with sheet, which we took up each morning and washed, replacing with a 'day' sheet, which was then taken up and washed and replaced with the 'night sheet. In between sheets, the couch and floor around the couch is vacuumed and sprayed with water/tea tree oil mixture. The child changed into her pj's IN the laundry room, putting her clothing directly into the washing machine.

Needless to say, child's hairbrush was washed with hot, soapy water each time she was treated.

By the way, before we resorted to this protocol, we had gooped the child's head with Lice Free brand treatment , and torn the house apart cleaning, FOR 4 DAYS IN A ROW with no success. Then we switched to mayo, with no improvement. Finally, we tried the mouthwash protocol and the bugs were gone after the first treatment, but we kept going because we were extremely paranoid and we kept finding the nits. On the 4th day of using mouthwash, we finally had a nit-free comb-thru. We're still going to do this a couple times a day for a couple more days, just to be sure.

Lessons learned

  • Commercial LiceFree didn't work, nor did mayo.
  • From now on we'll be sending the child to school/Boys&Girls club with tea tree in her hair, and checking her weekly. This has been exhausting and we do NOT want to go through this again.

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