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Large Boil on Wrist

Submit an Entry: Spider Bite Pictures from Spider Bite Victims

By Jessica_Arnold

Updated October 23, 2012

Large Boil on Wrist

it feels better and looks better than yesterday

Tell us where your bite is (arm, leg, nose, whatever)

My wrist

Why I think it's a spider bite

I think it's a spider bite cuz it looks like a pic someone already posted on here!! how it was yesterday!!!!!!

What happened

Not sure when it happened never felt a thing but what started out as a little mark gradually turned into this over the past week!!! I noticed it last wed i wear braclets and thought it was my braclet at first!!! but like i said i saw it bout as big as an ink pen dot and it gradually got bigger!!! could have happened in my sleep or who knows i didn't feel no iching, burning, or any crawlin at all !!!


  • instead of paying a huge office call at the doctor for them to lance it open (fancy way of saying cut) i bought some stuff called SMILE"S PRID yesterday from wall mart n some gauze pads!!!! back in the older days they used it alot i know my grandma did its really thick brown stuff and don't smell all that gr8!!! well anyways its really good stuff its a salve basically what it does is draws all the poison and infection out of pretty much anything that can come to a head!!!! i change my pad twice a day might even go for 3 times!!! It hurts but it looks better than it was lookin and feelin yesterday

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