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Cellulitis or Brown Recluse?

Submit an Entry: Spider Bite Pictures from Spider Bite Victims

By SheriStw

Updated April 19, 2011

Cellulitis or Brown Recluse?

Day 1

Cellulitis or Brown Recluse?

Day 4

Tell us where your bite is (arm, leg, nose, whatever)

Right Calf

Why I think it's a spider bite

Because the doctor told me it was.

What happened

Woke up on a Saturday morning with a hard red knot on my right calf with two tiny red bite marks. It itched like crazy but I was in a hurry to get to the Susan G. Komen race in Indianapolis so I rushed out the door. That night after the race my whole calf was red and blistering and the itching had now turned into a very bad pain. Again, I let it go. The second morning I woke up and knew something wasn't right, it was beat red, hot to the touch and the blisters had turned into deep sores plus I was throwing up and dizzy. I went to the ER because my cousin who is a nurse said it looked like a Brown Recluse bite. The hospital, Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie told me there were no Brown Recluse spiders in Indiana (which I learned later was incorrect) and that it was Cellulitis and sent me home. The third day came, still sick and sores popping up everywhere, went back to Ball Hospital and they again said nothing they could do and sent me home. Mad, I left and went to another hospital, where the doctor said yes indeed it WAS Brown Recluse and treated me for it with Doxycycline and pain medicine. I am still feeling nauseated but I am no longer blistering, I just have the sores which are painful and deep. We sprayed the house, so I hope this helps and I hope these sores go away soon, it hurts to even stand on my leg.


  • My advice? Don't ever go to Ball Memorial Hospital. haha
  • Spray house for spiders

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