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Conditions of the Brain: Strokes and Seizures

Strokes and seizures affect the brain and may be related. The ability to recognize stroke can reduce the likelihood of permanent damage. Learn all about strokes and seizures.

Stroke Symptoms - Readers Share Stroke Symptoms
Stroke symptoms can vary from victim to victim. About.com First Aid readers share their stroke symptoms.

Manage a Seizure
Seizures are not life-threatening and are relatively easy to manage. Being calm is the most important step in treating a seizure. Most adolescent or adult seizure victims suffer from epilepsy.

Stroke Symptoms
Strokes are the third largest cause of death in the U.S. Learn to recognize stroke and respond in time to help the victim.

One-Minute Three-Step Stroke Test
Researchers at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Medicine developed this one-minute, three-step stroke assessment test to enable bystanders and first line emergency responders to quickly screen for a possible stroke diagnosis.

Febrile Seizures from the Expert
Learn about febrile seizures from About's own pediatrician.

Shakes and Seizures
Q&A on seizures in children from the Guide to Pediatrics.

Understand strokes from the Guide to Men's Health.

Women May Experience Unique Stroke Symptoms
In addition to the common stroke symptoms that are seen in both men and women, women may also experience unique symptoms that aren't immediately identified as possible signs of a stroke.

Seizure Symptoms - Definition of Seizure Symptoms
Seizures come in all shapes and sizes. They can affect the whole body or just part of it.

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