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First Aid at Home

Every home is prone to at least some injuries. Learn how to handle common injuries at home.
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12 First Aid Skills Every Parent Needs to Know
There are books on child development and books on what to expect when you're going to have a baby or when that baby heads to college. But, what parents really need is a manual on the most important first aid skills every parent needs to know. These are those skills. Whether your children are 20 days, 20 months or 20 years old, these first...

Wii Accidents - Reader Stories of Wii Accidents
Wii accidents can lead to some serious Wii injuries. The most common are to the hand, but many other Wii accidents can happen.

Wii Injuries
Some of the Wii injuries are more straight forward. The controller is rigid plastic with hard corners and weighs about as much as a baseball. When you're pretending to throw the virtual pitch and actually let go of the controller, somebody's going to get clocked right between the eyes (or the TV may never work again).

Lawnmower Safety
Lawnmowers are likely to rip off your toes if you're not careful. Follow these lawnmower safety tips.

Computer Injuries - Reader Stories of Computer Injuries
Have you been attacked by a computer at home or at work? What's your most embarrassing or dangerous scuffle with a snapping laptop? Were you caught by the power cord spiderweb?

Computer Injuries
Computers make lousy pets. You might think computers are pretty safe, but in fact, they can be downright nasty. They're hard to housebreak, have a mind of their own and may just bite, burn or trip you when you least expect it. One study estimates over 55,000 were victims of malicious computers from 1994-2006. The most dangerous computers are...

Halloween Horror Stories
Readers share their Halloween horrors and the lessons learned from them.

6 Dangers of Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is dangerous. Maybe not as dangerous as skydiving or driving a race car, but in certain cases you can do some real damage spring cleaning. That's a good enough reason to skip it altogether. I mean, who really needs a clean house if you have to risk life or limb to spruce it up?

For those of you nonbelievers (like my wife) these spring cleaning mishaps could leave you sp…

4 Sinister Ways to Electrocute Santa Claus
Done with all that annoying Christmas cheer? Ready to light Santa up brighter than Rudolph's nose? Here are the best ways to cook Santa's Christmas goose once and for all. While you're at it, you can probably get at least six of the eight tiny reindeer and maybe a neighborhood kid or two. I suggest brushing up on your 911 skills, since...

5 True Halloween Horrors

There's scary -- you know, the fun kind where we all know at the end of the movie that the shark isn't really that big and doesn't really eat boats. And then there's scary, like spending time in the ER or the ICU because the driver didn't see little Suzie dart across the street in her adorable witch costume with the big-wart-on-the-nose-mask that kept her from seeing the car.


6 Wrong Ways to Do It Yourself
There seems to be an inverse relationship between my honey-do list and the amount of hair on my head -- as the list grows the hair goes. So, in an effort to staunch the flow of falling follicles, I resolved to get to work on two or three (hundred) projects, I've been putting off since Bush gave his first State of the Union speech. If you're...

Home Safety Improvements
Accident-proof your home to stay out of the ER. Make these improvements starting with the cheapest and working up.

Cooking Safety
Protecting kids and adults from burns and catastrophic fires often starts in the kitchen.

First Aid During Ramadan
Ramadan is the holiest month for Islam. Muslim followers mark it by completely fasting during daylight every day of the entire month. Followers will eat a meal before dawn and another after dusk with nothing in between. The sudden change in food and fluid intake can have serious consequences for some participants.

Remove a Ring Stuck on a Finger
The binding of the ring around the finger may act as a tourniquet and cause permanent damage to the finger if not removed promptly. A ring may be removed without medical intervention. Do not attempt ring removal if the finger is blue or purple, injured, or if there is no feeling in the finger.

Cleaning Dangers
Cleaning the house is an easy way to stay healthy, unless you manage to kill yourself doing it. Learn the top 5 cleaning dangers around the house.

Video - How to Choose Pain Medication
Not every pain killer is created equal. Find out the differences between common over-the-counter medications and discover what's really in your medicine cabinet.

Gardening First Aid Tips
Gardening is relaxing and fun, until you cut off a finger. Learn what to do when gardening turns dangerous.

Power Tool Injuries
Power tools are wonderful for helping around the house. Make sure you have the tools to respond to injuries from the tools.

Medical_Info_Sheet.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Fill out this form with medical information and keep it available in the home or on your person. This information is vital to hospital or ambulance personnel.

Fire_Escape_Plan.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Use this form to make a fire escape plan for your home or office. Follow the directions on the page and use the grid to draw a floor plan of your home.

Automated Home Blood Pressure Monitors
There is a growing trend of measuring blood pressure trends. This can help people with hypertension (high blood pressure) work with their doctors to better control their blood pressure. These blood pressure monitors make it easy to measure your blood pressure at home.

The Grinch's Christmas Decorating Tips
Imagine you could ask Dr. Seuss's infamous, Christmas-stealing character, the Grinch, for Christmas decorating tips. He would certainly tell you to overload your circuits with Christmas lights and use an old, rickety ladder to put them on the house. He'd tell you to buy a dry, dead Christmas tree, put out lots of candles wrapped in ribbon and crepe paper, and populate your house with deadly, poisonous plants.

Christmas Light Safety
Christmas lights are beautiful, but all that electricity can cause problems if not used properly. Christmas lights can get hot enough to burn or ignite other decorations. The cords can fray, leading to a short. When you put up Christmas lights this season - or holiday lights during any season - be sure to follow these Christmas light safety tips.

Ways to Spend Thanksgiving in the Hospital
Thanksgiving is one of those days when injuries have a tendency to creep up on you without notice. Be prepared for Thanksgiving mishaps before the big day.

Candle Safety
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that candles were responsible for an estimated 18,000 home fires in 2002, more than triple the number of home fires caused by candles in 1990. 130 people were killed in 2002 - ten times as many were injured. Candle-related fires caused an estimated 333 million in property damage in 2002. If...

Ladder Safety
With the right ladder and proper use, working above ground level should be no problem. Make sure you have an appropriate ladder and use correct technique for placement and climbing.

Christmas Tree Safety
If you decide to have a real tree adorning your living room during the 12 (or 60) days of Christmas, here are some important things to remember about choosing and caring for a fresh-cut Christmas tree.

Treat an Impaled Object
Impaled objects are items that have punctured the skin and body tissue and are left in place. Impaled objects are difficult to treat because they are akward and dangerous to remove. Learn about impaled objects.

Prepare and Light a Home Fireworks Display
A home fireworks display is a festive, but relatively dangerous, way to celebrate. Stay safe by following these safety tips.

Treat a Burn
All burns need to be cooled immediately by running cool water over the burn for several minutes. How to treat the burn after that depends on the severity of the burn and where it is.

Treat a Sunburn
Sunburns are a little different than other types of burns, but the treatment is very similar. Learn how to treat a sunburn before you need to.

Anaphylaxis -- Anaphylactic Shock -- Allergic Reaction
Bees in the backyard or peanuts in the food can lead to anaphylaxis. Know the steps to respond to this life-threatening allergic reaction.

Cuts in the Kitchen -- Knife Injuries -- Food Preparation
Cutting yourself with a knife in the kitchen during food prep is the best and worst place to get a cut. Lots of bacteria, but soap and water nearby.

How to Treat Exposure to Chlorine Gas: When Bleach is Mixed with Ammonia
Chlorine gas is released when ammonia and bleach are mixed together. With all the cleaning agents that contain either bleach or ammonia, exposure to chlorine gas is quite common. It's important to know what to do if it happens.

When Should You Call 911?
Not sure when to call 911? These tips will help you understand when to call for an ambulance.

Fundamental First Aid: The ABC's
These are the basic steps to handle any emergency.

How to Keep Yourself and Your Family Safe and Healthy in Summer
Tips to stay safe in the sun. Includes sunburn first aid.

Bed Bug Bites Pictures
These bed bug bites pictures illustrate how bites can look. There are also pictures of the bed bugs and their colonies.

Hazardous Christmas Decorations
Christmas decorations often include lights, dry pine needles and candles. That could be a recipe for disaster. Readers share their hazardous Christmas decoration stories.

Elderly Fall Injuries
One out of 3 people 65 years old and older takes a tumble every year, according to the CDC. In this age group, falls are the most common cause of injuries that lead to hospitalizations as well as deaths. These are the most common injuries in no particular order.

Preparing for Emergencies in the Home/Car/Office
Chance favors the prepared. There are certain things everyone should have available for emergencies. Here are tips to being ready for the worst.

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