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Dangers of Summer Storms


Updated January 23, 2014

Summer weather isn't all sun and fun. The weather during the summer can be filled with severe storms and withering heat. Tornadoes, heat illness, hurricanes, and more are all part of summer in many parts of the country. Learn to respond to many of the dangers of summer so you can stay safe.

High Heat

Thermometer on the street at 120 degrees
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Heat and humidity can lead to dehydration or heat stroke. Even when the weather is not filled with severe wind or thunderstorms, summer heat is potentially deadly. Learning how to avoid the heat and recognize the signs of heat illness could save your life.


Thunderstorms can lead to deadly lightning. Lightning can strike up to 10 miles away -- so you may be in harm's way even if you don't see rain. Know when and how to get out of the way of lightning.


Hurricane satellite picture
Hurricanes are the nemesis of coastlines. The damage done can be some of the worst of all the summer storms. Know what to do before the hurricane strikes.


Tornadoes are the scourge of the midwest, but they're known to happen all over the country. Knowing what to do when a twister is bearing down on you could save your life.


Flooded streets in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina
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Floods cause more damage than any other summer phenomenon. Stay prepared and work fast during a flash flood. It's important to know what to do before the flood comes.

Power Failures

Power lines
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Demands on power during summer heat is sometimes more than power grids can handle. Summer power failures are common. Severe storms, such as tornadoes, are likely to cause power failures as well.

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