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Preparing for Floods

Flooding is one of the most devastating disasters one can experience. Floods can occur almost without warning and almost any time of year. Learn what to do to prepare for floods.

Surviving Floods
Floods kill an average of 74 people per year. Staying safe during a flood takes planning. Create a disaster pack to keep at home or to take along if you need to evacuate. Make sure you have everything you need before a flood.

Flash Floods - How to Survive Flash Floods - Flash Floods in Your Car
Almost half of all flash flood deaths happen in vehicles. Know what to do when driving in a flooded area. Don't be a victim of flash flooding in your car.

Flood, the Routine Disaster
Nature may love a flood, but floods are civilization's worst enemy--one we make ourselves.

Preparing for a Flood
Even if you don't live in a flood zone, it is still possible you could be affected by flood damage. Floods are more common that most may think. Many mistakenly believe that if a devastating flood was to strike their area the government would step in and help. Learn about the 2 step process to protect your family and home from flood damage.

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