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First Aid: Basic Tips and Tools

Know the steps to care for victims when they need it most.
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Reader First Aid Skills - Must Know First Aid Skills
About.com First Aid readers weigh in on what they think are the most important first aid skills everyone should know.

First Aid Myths from Readers
Readers weigh in on first aid myths. Tell us about your first aid myths and legends.

Determine the Pulse Rate
The pulse is the surge of blood that is pushed through the arteries when the heart beats, and is a vital sign that can tell a lot about a person's medical condition.

Dress a Wound
Dressing wounds can be done at home. Most lacerations and abrasions can be handled at home without ever going to the emergency room. To take care of wounds at home, they must be cleaned and may need to be dressed.

Eye First Aid
When treating eye injuries, always take care of both eyes together.

Treat an Impaled Object in the Eye
An impaled object in the eye can lead to vision loss and disfigurement. Proper first aid can save the eye.

Treat an Eye Abrasion
Eye abrasions usually come from foreign objects in the eyes. Make sure to remove foreign objects before covering eyes.

Flush Eyes
Flushing the eyes with water is the preferred treatment to remove foreign objects or chemical contamination from the eyes.

Remove a Splinter
Splinters can become infected if not removed. Some splinter will work their way out without removal, but if you don't want to wait, learn how to remove a splinter.

Wash Your Hands
Wash your hands often when performing first aid procedures. Learn how to wash your hands thoroughly.

Fight Injuries Needing First Aid
Fights lead to injuries that may require first aid. Many of these injuries can be treated at home, some require a trip to the hospital, and others require a call to 911.

Learning First Aid
How much first aid training do you need? Learning first aid may seem daunting with all the choices out there. Take the first aid course that's right for you.

First Aid Handbook
This handbook of first aid will help lay rescuers with basic first aid and cpr needs.

Emergency Medical Leadership
The principles of leadership used by professional rescuers can be used by lay rescuers as well. Planning for an emergency should include defining the roles of rescuers and designating leaders before they are needed. If no leader is defined one will probably emerge, but don't count on it.

What is Blood Pressure?
Blood pressure is the pressure exerted against blood vessel walls by the blood as it flows through them. Because of the way arteries and veins are used by the circulatory system, arterial walls are much thicker and withstand higher pressures than venous walls do. When we measure blood pressure, we are measuring the pressure in the arteries.

How is Blood Pressure Measured?
Blood pressure is measured with two different noninvasive techniques, a manually performed technique known as auscultation and an automated technique known as oscillation.

What If Blood Pressure is Too High or Too Low?
Measuring blood pressure at home leads to questions about odd readings. You may wonder what to do if you get a particularly high reading (hypertension) - or a particularly low one (hypotension). The answer is definitely: it depends.

Ways to Not Provide First Aid
It's time to dispel some of the most popular myths in first aid lore. Read on to see the worst first aid ideas, demystified with the correct response to each emergency.

Splinting a Broken Arm
Splinting a broken arm is more art than science. These images help illustrate the use of a cardboard splint to immobilize a broken forearm.

Basic Steps to Controlling Bleeding
Know how to control bleeding in any situation.

Fundamental First Aid: The ABC's
There is no substitute for hands-on first aid training. But just in case you are challenged with someone in need and haven't had CPR or first aid classes, follow these basic steps.

First Aid Kits for Anywhere
What's in your first aid kit? Share your first aid kit and see how others put together their first aid kits. See where folks are putting first aid kits.See submissions

Basic First Aid Procedures
A quick primer on the most basic first aid procedures. This is no substitute for proper first aid training, but it will get you through a minor crisis.

Things You Should Know About the ER - Definition of Things You Should Know...
The emergency room is filled with people who don't have medical emergencies. If they'd read this, maybe they wouldn't have come.

Minor Injuries
Can you treat it yourself or do you need a doctor? Here is how to tell.

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