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First Aid Pictures and Videos


A picture is worth a thousand words and video is priceless. Here is a collection of first aid pictures and first aid videos to illustrate several first aid and safety procedures.
  1. Wounds and Injury Pictures
  2. First Aid Videos
  3. Illustrated First Aid Techniques
  4. First Aid Supplies

Wounds and Injury Pictures

Frostbitten fingertips

Sometimes the only way to know what bit you is to catch the critter in the act, and the only way to identify a broken bone is by x-ray, but there are some very distinct ways certain bites and injuries look. These picture galleries provide a reference for all sorts of bites, wounds and injuries. They're not intended for diagnosis, but you may find some of the information helpful.

First Aid Videos

hands only CPR video

Our ever-growing collection of first aid videos is meant to help you learn techniques and better understand how injuries happen. There are also tips on planning for emergencies, all demonstrated by healthcare and emergency professionals.

Illustrated First Aid Techniques

using an Epi-pen

It's a lot easier to understand how to do something when you see it done. These step by step illustrated tutorials show how treat some of the most common injuries and illnesses.

First Aid Supplies

Not sure what all that stuff in the first aid kit is for? Maybe you don't know what to look for to fill your first aid kit. These pictures show you what you need and, in some cases, how to make it.

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