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Pediatric Emergencies

Taking care of children is tough and rewarding at the same time. Any day of the week, parents can save their children's lives. Learn to recognize and treat emergencies involving kids.

What Did You Do to Treat Head Lice?
Head lice remedies are often more art than science. There are products to help, but some folks prefer a more natural approach. Share your experience treating head lice and see how others treated head lice as well.

5 Worst Baseball Injuries
Did you know little league baseball kills more kids than pee wee football? More kids get hurt on the gridiron, but deaths are all about the diamond. Baseballs do the deed, mostly by hitting a player hard in the center of the chest or by smacking the player in the noggin. That's not to say baseball can't injure without killing, however. These...

Commotio Cordis
Commotio cordis is a latin term (meaning commotion or disturbance of the heart) that describes sudden cardiac arrest from a blow to the chest. Despite the fact that it's very rare, commotio cordis is the leading cause of death in youth baseball.

Head Lice Stories
Head lice is a bane to any grade school student and her parents. Do you have a story of head lice that wouldn't go away? How far have you had to go before the head lice went? Share your story with other readers and see how others have felt your pain.

Take a Rectal Temperature
There are three ways to measure body temperature: rectally, orally or axially (under the arm). It's best to take a rectal temperature in kids who can't hold an oral thermometer under the tongue.

8 Safety Tips for Kids
Teaching kids about safety starts from the first time we tell them "no" as they're reaching for the hot stove. There's no reason to stop there, however. Kids have an incredible capacity to learn, so teach them how to be safe and how to react when emergencies happen.

Before You Leave the Kids
When your kids are in trouble and you're out of the house, your babysitter is the only lifeline they'll have. Before you leave your kids with her, you need to make sure she has the training -- and the guts -- to get your kids through any real emergency they might have.

Gallery of Head Lice Pictures
Head lice get a pretty bad rap around the schoolyard. It turns out head lice not as bad as you might think, and head lice certainly don't spread as easily as school officials may have you believe.

Head Lice
Head lice are parasites that feed on human blood and bask in the warmth of the noggin. They make new baby lice by laying eggs (called nits) attached to hair follicles. The good news is that no known diseases are carried by common head lice. The bad news? Well, they're nasty and ugly little creatures that make you itch just by reading this (go ahead and scratch; I'll wait).

How to Treat Head Lice
Pictorial showing head lice treatment. How to recognize nits, apply shampoo and comb nits away. Head lice isn't as scary as our parents thought they were. Getting rid of head lice shouldn't be too hard.

How Your Kid Gets Good Healthcare at School
Medical decisions for your children are made at school without you. Communicating your wishes to the school beforehand can make all the difference.

Outlet Covers

Making your home safe for a toddler always means covering your electrical outlets. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that of the 3,900 injuries from electrical outlets treated in hospital emergency departments each year, about a third are from kids sticking metal things into sockets.

For many years, the most common type of outlet cover on the market was also a choking ha…

Child Gates

There are two basic types of child gates: pressure-mounted and attached. Pressure-mounted gates don't take hardware to install and are easier to remove when the kids get older. Attached gates leave holes, which may not be appropriate in a rented home. Generally, attached gates are less likely to come loose and fall on the child.

Don't be lulled into thinking kids can't get past a gate.…

Child Safety Locks
Preschoolers like to open things -- cabinet doors, toy chests, you name it. There are lots of places you don't want your child to access, and putting a lock on the door might be the way to keep him out. Before slapping locks on all your cabinets, which can be costly, start by moving cleaning products, medications and other items you don't want...

Door Knob Covers
When you don't want your little ones to go through certain doors, they (of course) always will. We try to follow the little critters around everywhere they go, but there are limits to our energy -- not to mention sanity.

Keeping kids from entering through doors that lead to a flight of stairs can help prevent falls. If you have an in-house entrance to your garage, making that door knob impo…

Playground Injuries
Is it just me, or are we trying to make childhood accident-proof? All the really good playgrounds -- with stainless steel slides that reach nearly 5000 degrees in the summer, and the big wooden play structures made from splintered redwoods -- have been replaced with sterile, plastic playgrounds filled with bright colors, pirateship steering wheels and tic-tac-toe. Nice try. But no matter how saf…

Infant CPR
There is no substitute for proper training. However, emergencies wait for no one. Use these steps to provide CPR to babies under 1 year old.

Child CPR
There is no substitute for proper CPR training. However, emergencies wait for no one. Use these steps to provide CPR to children 1 to 8 years old.

Heelys Crash Injuries
Heelys are the James Bond equivalent to inline skates. They look like typical, mild-mannered sneakers, nondescript and rather boring. However, hidden wheels in the heels of their soles allow the wearer to glide around effortlessly as if on roller skates, with the injuries to match.

Preparing for Flu Season
Since many parents have had trouble getting their kids their flu vaccine the last few years, now can be a good time to start preparing for this year's flu season and figure out where you are going to get their flu shot. Also, learn about the new recommendations for this year's flu season and when your child should get their flu vaccine.

CPR - infant
Performing CPR on a child less than 1 year old.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
Understand SIDS better. From your Guide to Pediatrics.

First Aid for Children Quiz
Take this quiz to see how prepared you are for childhood emergencies.

Never Take Car Seat Lessons from Britney Spears
Never Take Car Seat Lessons from Britney Spears

Teaching Your Child How to Use 911
Kids need to know how to call 911 in an emergency. Teach your children as soon as they can understand it. The life you save may be your own.

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