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Calling for Help During Medical Emergencies

Getting help in an emergency may be as easy as dialing 9-1-1...or it may not. Learn how to summon responders in any situation.

How Do Paramedics Choose a Hospital?
Paramedics put people in ambulances and take them to hospitals every day. How do the paramedics decide which hospital is the correct one?

Frequently Asked Questions About 911
Everything you ever wanted to know about 911. Can you get in trouble for calling too much? Do dispatchers know where you are? The most common questions I get about 911.

5 Medical Reasons to Call 911
Instinctively, we know to call 911 when someone breaks into our home or if we smell smoke. We know to call 911 if we get into a car crash. But do you know when to call 911 for a medical condition? Medical conditions are harder to judge than accidents. Sometimes they seem to come on slowly, and before you know it, it's an emergency. Medical...

Bad Reasons to Call 911
Have you got a bad idea for 911? Have you heard of a silly story about 911? Share it with us.

911 from an Internet Phone
VoIP phones use the internet to connect with traditional telephones. Because they use the internet rather than traditional phone lines, they may not be as reliable as traditional phones during an emergency.

Can I Call 911 for Someone Having an Emergency in Another State?
You dread the thought -- you're talking to a family member in another state and he has a heart attack. Can you call 911? Who should you call to report the emergency and get him help?

Is it Illegal to Call 911 for a Non-Emergency?
To call 911 for any purpose other than to report an emergency could result in criminal penalties. Each state has different penalties for 911 misuse, but in most cases, abuse can lead to jail time and stiff fines.

Teach Kids to Call 911
Teaching kids to call 911 is similar to teaching adults. The basic tenets are the same: Know when to call, make sure the call-taker knows where you are located and don't hang up. Teaching kids to call 911 should start as soon as they can play with the phone.

Calling for Help 101
Calling 911 can be overwhelming. Use these tips during your emergency.

Be a Good 911 Caller
Calling 911 during an emergency can be very stressful. It's important to stay calm when calling 911.

Five Worst Reasons to Call 911
Sometimes 911 is not the number to call. 911 is for emergencies only.

When Should You Call 911?
Not sure when to call 911? These tips will help you understand when to call for an ambulance.

Before You Call 911 on a Cell Phone
Calling 911 on a cell phone means the officials who answer might not know where to find you. Here you'll learn important steps to make sure you get the help you need before it's too late.

Emergency Help: The Number to Call in Australia
About's Guide to Australia explains how to get help when traveling down under.

How 911 Works
Learn how 911 services work. Includes history of 911 and the technology behind it.

Teaching Your Child How to Use 911
Kids need to know how to call 911 in an emergency. Teach your children as soon as they can understand it. The life you save may be your own.

Santa Clara County Fire Department International Emergency Numbers
Courtesy of Santa Clara County (California) Fire Department. An exhaustive list of emergency contact numbers from around the world.

US Dept of State List of Embassies
Information from US embassies around the world. Includes information necessary to call emergency services in each country.

For 911 Operators, a Catastrophe Beyond All Training - New York Times
911 dispatchers remember the tragedy of the Twin Towers.

Compare Medical Alert Systems
Compare medical alert systems to see which is the best option to give the senior in your life peace of mind. Medical alert systems give seniors a way to summon help in case they are unable to get to a phone.

Problems with Medical Alert Systems
Medical alert systems are used to get help when -- for whatever reason -- you are unable to call 911. Each of these systems has its own problems. However, some things are common issues for both types.

Do 911 call centers have translation services?
If your primary language is not English or you are helping a victim who doesn't speak English, you may find yourself unable to communicate. What can 911 call-takers do? Is the 911 call center able to translate?

How 911 Works - Definition of How 911 Works
Learn how 911 works and debunk misconceptions about 911.

Why does 911 ask so many questions?
Learn how 911 works and debunk misconceptions about 911.

Kevin Pagenkop - Guest Author
Guest author Kevin Pagenkop is a leader in the emergency communications industry.

Do 911 Dispatchers See Where The Callers Are Calling From?

911 Operator is a Misleading Term
The term 911 Operator is outdated and doesn't adequately illustrate what a modern 911 dispatcher does.

Why Does 911 Put You on Hold?
Being put on hold is always frustrating, but in an emergency it may lead to anger or despair. Why does 911 put you on hold?

Can my old, defunct cell phone call still call 911?
How old can a cell phone be and still call 911? Can it be really old technology?

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