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Second Degree Burn from Glue

Industrial Glue on the Hand Leaves Second Degree Burn


Updated March 04, 2011

Second degree burn on hand
(c) Tim Ballantine

This victim let industrial glue get on his hand long enough to cause some second degree burns. The burns are classified as second degree because of the red, raw appearance.

Second degree burns can develop over time if not treated promptly. The trick is to stop the burning process as soon as possible with cool running water. Flush the area with water for 20 minutes to return the tissues to their normal temperature.

Remember, tissue continues to burn even after the heat source is gone, which is why you're supposed to take the steaks off the grill a little early and let them rest. If you want skin to stop burning, you'll have to actively cool it down.

If you have a picture of your own burns or injuries, submit your injury pictures here.

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