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Spider Bite or Something Else?

A Spider Bite in Peru Leads to a Mysterious Rash


Updated February 01, 2010

Spider Bite or Something Else?
Photo (c) Jose Luis Balarezo Gardiol

From Jose Luis Balarezo Gardiol:

"The bite of this spider took place 6 days [prior to this picture being taken]. The first three days [I felt] nothing but a minor pain from a small puncture in the back upper part where it is circled with blue pen. I realized it was a black widow that slid into my T-shirt. When I felt the sting, I rolled over it. I looked in the T-shirt and found the dead spider, about three milimeters diameter, [with] red with light brown [coloring]. As I pressed near the bite, the pain felt like thousands of pieces of small glass in my back."

Jose visited an emergency medical post and was given antibiotics. He didn't receive much of a diagnosis to explain his symptoms, and as we'll see, he may or may not have gotten a spider bite at all. See the next picture of Jose's "spider bite" to see how it progressed.

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