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Late Night and the Morning After

The Only Sign of a Spider is the Target on Her Leg


Updated February 01, 2010

Late Night and the Morning After

Left image shows a possible bite in the middle of the night; right image shows the same lesion the next morning

(c) Sarah
This reader shares her possible spider bite from three years ago. After a day of shoveling scrap wood and bark, she wakes from a good night's sleep feeling as if she'd been "kicked in the leg." When she woke, she expected to find a bruise but found this discoloration instead (left image).

By the next morning (right image), the discoloration has taken on a familiar bulls-eye pattern. Could it be a spider bite? It sure could. It could also be one of a hundred other types of bug.

At the end of the day, this lesion develops a blister, another common feature in spider and bug bites. It will eventually burst and leave the reader with a scar she described as a "crater" when I communicated with her three years later.

Any opinions expressed here are for educational purposes only and are not intended for diagnosis.

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