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Pain in the Neck

Is It a Spider Bite, a Mosquito Bite or a Vampire Bite?


Updated February 01, 2010

Pain in the Neck
(c) Julien from Washington, DC
Julien from Washington, D.C., sent this photo of what he originally thought was a mosquito bite. It was taken less than 24 hours after Julien first noticed it, but he didn't worry about it until his friends started pointing out the large bite on his neck.

Julien had not seen a doctor at the time of submitting this photo. If the bite is growing rapidly, blocking the airway or oozing pus, it needs to be evaluated by a doctor right away. If you have a bite and you aren't sure whether it's dangerous, it's not a bad idea to have your doctor evaluate it for you.

In this case, Julien wasn't even complaining of itching.

Julien did mention there'd been a large rainstorm in D.C. right before this occurred, and he wondered how that would affect the behavior of bugs, spiders and vampires in the area.

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