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Is It Worse Today?

How to Measure Inflammation for a Possible Spider Bite


Updated February 01, 2010

Is It Worse Today?
(c) Dayle Milton

The last picture showed a bite from an unknown bug. Dayle felt the bite and hoped it would go away. When it didn't, a visit to the doctor followed.

This picture is 3 days afterwards and shows where the doctors were tracking the redness. The first doctor wouldn't confirm anything -- whether it be spider or tick. The second doctor immediately said "brown recluse" but I live in the Northeast.

I sent these pictures to my uncle, who's a doctor, and he thinks tick...but would a tick bite sting? The day after the initial bite, the whole bubbly area was extremely sensitive to touch, and it's become hard-feeling. I was bitten on a Friday, ran a temp of 101 on Saturday, 100 on Sunday, 99 on Monday and now on Tuesday it seems to be gone. I'm on 2 antibiotics and a steroid cream. The redness is starting to recede.

Dayle is right that brown recluses don't live in the Northeast. It's also pretty rare for a brown recluse to actively crawl up a person's leg while he or she is active and walking. They are called "recluse" for a reason.

Dayle has asked for feedback. If you've seen a bite like this and want to share your thoughts with Dayle, join the discussion on the First Aid Forum.

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