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Infected Chigger Bite

Looks Like a Spider Bite Blister -- Only Smaller


Updated February 01, 2010

Chigger bite blister
Image courtesy of the CDC/M. A. Parsons

Chigger bites have just as much chance of getting infected as any other arachnid bite. The most important thing about this photo is the ruler behind the chigger bite. Notice how small the entire blister is -- about 5 millimeters. It's important to keep an eye on any bite that blisters, even a tiny chigger bite.

Chigger bites usually come in clusters. Look for the bites in warm vulnerable areas with more folds or wrinkles: ankles, waist line, armpits and groin.

A warm, soapy bath is all that's needed to get rid of chiggers. To get rid of the itch, however, just takes time.

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