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Skin Rashes, Redness and Blisters -- and Their Causes


Updated August 21, 2011

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Doctors often have a hard time identifying rashes when they examine them in person. There is no way a rash can be accurately identified by a picture on the Internet.

However, if you have a rash and want to know which possible disorders look like that, this gallery is for you. These pictures all depict some sort of skin lesions, rashes, blisters, redness or peeling. In most cases, the rash is just a symptom of something much bigger. In some cases, it is indeed just a rash.

You may recognize pictures -- spider bites, for instance -- from other galleries on this site. Many people consider spider bites unidentified rashes until their doctors tell them otherwise. On the other hand, maybe that "spider bite" is really something else.

Some rashes indicate very dangerous conditions that warrant seeing the doctor as soon as possible. Some go away all by themselves and some can be treated effectively with over the counter remedies.

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Candidiasis caused by the fungus Candida sp.CandidiasisPimple-like irritations on the abdomen and chest due to canine scabiesCanine ScabiesChickenpox on faceChickenpox on the Facedermatitis herpetiformis (DH)Dermatitis Herpetiformis
pityriasis rosea with an oval herald patch on the abdomen, as well as a more generalized rashPityriasis Rosea Herald Patcharm with a blistering poison ivy rashPoison Ivy Blistersarm with a blistering poison oak rashPoison Oak BlistersReiter's syndromeReiter's Syndrome
rash of Rocky Mountain spotted fever on a child’s eye and face.Rocky Mountain Spotted FeverScabies Rash on a HandShinglesShinglesA Red Neck
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