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Man-O-War Sting

Oh! Man-O-War this Looks Painful!


Updated August 24, 2010

Mon-o-War sting
(c) Simon Tonge
Technically, the man-o-war is not a jellyfish. It's a string of jellyfish-like creatures living together as one organism. It has a painful sting that can be dangerous. See how the sting is much wider than the tentacle marks from typical jellyfish? The man-o-war has longer, thicker tentacles that do its stinging.

South of the equator, these are often called bluebottles. In the United States, they are usually called man-o-war or Portuguese man-o-war.

Generally, treat stings from these creatures the same as you would those from other jellyfish species: Remove all tentacles from the sting site and rinse thoroughly, preferably with hot water. Watch for confusion, chest pain, and weakness. Always seek emergency medical treatment for these. Man-of-war stings can be very serious.

For jellyfish treatment steps (also good for man-o-war): How to Treat Jellyfish Stings.

Have a jellyfish or man-o-war sting? Take a picture and submit it here.

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