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Jellyfish Sting on Feet

Itching and Stinging on Both Feet


Updated August 24, 2010

Jellyfish stings on feet
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The victim of this sting complains more of itching than stinging. It's always possible that other stinging critters of the sea made these inflammations, rather than only blaming jellyfish.

Of course, it's always possible that a jellyfish did it, too.

Regardless of the creature that causes the stinging, the treatment doesn't change. This is one type of first aid that could use a bit more research to help identify the best way to handle specific species of jellyfish and other stinging marine animals.

The other thing that doesn't change is the real danger of any type of toxic sting, marine animal or not. Be aware of symptoms of anaphylaxis, especially in a reaction that is more itching than burning. Any hives appearing on the body, particularly in areas not directly affected by the sting, or shortness of breath requires a trip to the doctor or a call to 911.

Jellyfish treatment steps: How to Treat Jellyfish Stings.

Have a jellyfish sting? Take a picture and submit it here.

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