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Jellyfish Sting Pictures

Pictures of Stings from Jellyfish and Other Sea Creatures


Updated August 18, 2010

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Jellyfish stings have a distinct look, but not everything that stings in the ocean is a jellyfish. There are also Man-O-Wars, blue bottles, puffer fish, sea anemones and lots more.

These pictures are of jellyfish stings and other damage done by the creatures of the deep. Many of these pictures have been submitted by readers. Do you have a picture of a jellyfish sting you want to share? Submit it here.

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jellyfish stingJellyfish Sting on Knee After 2 Daysjellyfish stingJellyfish Left Its Markjellyfish stingJellyfish Sting on Kneejellyfish sting on armJellyfish Sting on Arm
Jellyfish Sting on NeckIs It a Jellyfish Sting?Mon-o-War stingMan-O-War StingJellyfish stings on feetJellyfish Sting on Feetsea anemone stingSea Anemone Sting
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