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Bed Bug Bites Pictures

Pictures of Bed Bug Bites and Bed Bug Colonies


Updated October 22, 2010

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Bed bugs are gaining notoriety in the media for being almost everywhere. These little vampires like to live in dark places and feed on warm blood. Bed bugs cause itching and swelling like mosquitoes. Unlike mosquitoes, bed bugs don't really spread infectious diseases, although they have been discovered infected with diseases from the humans they bite.

These bed bug bites pictures illustrate how bites can look. There are also pictures of the bed bugs and their colonies.

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Bed Bug BitesBed Bug Bites on Armbed bug bite reactionBed Bug Feeding Frenzybed bug bite reactionBed Bug Feeding Frenzy After 10 Minutesbed bug bite reactionBed Bug Bites After 1 Day
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