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Rod Brouhard, EMT  P

Contact Your First Aid Guide

By Rod Brouhard, EMT P

    Like all guides at About.com, Rod Brouhard is a real person. He enjoys hearing from readers. Email him at firstaid@aboutguide.com.

    From Rod, "I will make every effort to read all the emails I receive and respond if I can. Due the overall volume of emails I get, sometimes I just can't answer."

    Media Inquiries

    Please contact Rod Brouhard at firstaid@aboutguide.com. Rod tries to be available for all types of interviews. He responds quickly to media requests. Please indicate the media outlet in the subject line.

    First Aid Forum

    There are lots of folks on the First Aid Forum with experience and training in first aid and emergency response. Rod keeps an eye on the forum and tries to comment as often as possible. Popular threads are often featured in the newsletter and on the blog.


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    Do you have a first aid, CPR or other type of emergency class you'd like to feature on About.com First Aid? Go to the Class Submission Page and tell us the details. We may not be able to feature every class, but we will look at every submission.

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