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Readers Respond: Firsthand Fainting Stories

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Updated April 18, 2011

From the article: Causes of Fainting

Fainting can be due to a near-death experience, the sight of blood, a medical condition known as syncope, or a host of other causes. Have you fainted? What happened? Share your story of fainting and read what has happened to other readers just like you.

This is a collection of stories only. To interact with others, ask questions, and discuss your fainting stories in more detail, please visit the first aid forum.

When I Fainted I...

First time ever fainting

This was my first time ive ever fainted in my life and im 39 yrs old. I hadnt felt good for a week or so and i got outa bed and made it to my kitchen(tiled hard floor) dont remember anything,no blurred vision nothing. Next thing i knew my head hurting real bad but i couldnt move or open my eyes. I had no idea how long i was there. Then i heard my daughter standing over me yelling mom, finally i came to..i still dony know what caused me to faint but it was so scary!
—Guest Susie Pino

On my butt

I was in the kitchen trying to get some candy from a jar. It broke my hand got cut by the broken bottle I started to bleed my mom came home asked what happened then she tells me to put pressure on it all of a sudden the room starts to spin and blur at the same time then my vision starts to go blurry then black starts from the corners of my eyes then starts to form a tunnel it closes all the way and its dark for a bit I heard my mom saying wake up she shook me gently then I awoke confused as heck.
—Guest Christina

Diverticular hemmorage

I was in and out of the toilet for 5hours bleeding out a little more each time . Every visit made me feel weaker than the last. Then my 12th or more visit brought heavy bleeding then severe convulsing and finally passing out.My wife heard the noise of my falling . Next thing Was her yelling for me to wake up. I could see her yelling but could not hear her. After slowly regaining conscience . I have been in accidents before and have lost blood and accumulated 5 or 6 concussions but never passed out . The only sweet part of this whole mess which lasted 4 days in the hospital with an operation was the passing out . The serenity which followed was awesome, not a bad way to leave the planet ,if you happen to be heading that way
—Guest Guest Frank

When my wife began fainting

every few weeks for a few seconds over a 5 year spanIt took 5 years of trips to the ER doctors looking in the wrong direction wasted time on medical monitoring of her heart rate before she one day fainted in front of me and I was able to get medics there while she was still unconcious. All previous accounts of the fainting had been non-witnessed and trips to the ER or discussions with doctors about it were hours or days later. Finally she arrived at a hospital within only a few minutes of reguining conciousness. There blood was drawn and a low oxygen diagnosis was made. Low red blood cell count. I so wish that had been caught the first week instead of 5 years wasted on heart monitors, diet, stress, thyroid, etc. Let me sum it up. Cause of the fainting was undiagnosed Multiple myeloma Plasma. Looking at the list of causes on the first screen I see a second one my cousin experienced. Pregnancy.
—Guest Ken19

scary tests

This one time I was getting ready for exams and it was really hot the last thing I remembered was the teacher yelling to my friend to catch me no one knows why I fainted
—Guest Tilly

fainting during a bowel movement.

Early one morning I had the urge to have a bowelmovement. After pushing very hard. A cold sweat and a feeling that I was going to faint. Well I did and as well passed out and fell on the floor of the bathroom. My husband called 911. Emergency. At the hospital the doctor put me on a fluid drip some thing for low blood pressure. Doctor told me that it was due to pushing so hard that I fainted. A nerve that cuts off blood to the heart.
—Guest Rosetta Cesario

Bad time

When I fainted my boyfriend was driving me home. We live two blocks away from eachother. We were walking to his car and I felt dizzy and lightheaded, when we got into the car my vision started to go. It was super hot out and after waiting a minute I told him i was going to pass out and I told him my garage door code. My grandma wasn't home and he need to get me in as I got out of the car and went to the keypad when I got there I went limp and fainted. My boyfriend was sitting by me when I woke up I got a black eye I feel onto the pavement and my neighbors were just watching and my boyfriend felt so weird he carried me inside laid me on the couch and have me water as a banana it was a great day after that but that's the third time that's happened. Once at the currency exchange and once at school I'm 17 i was 16 when all of this happened but it hasn't happened since.
—Guest Lilly pads


I got out of bed to get a drink, 2.30am, was fine walking to the kitchen ,became very dizzy, felt very sick,started sweating, went to the toilet down stairs, still felt dizzy and sick, when to go back to the bed room but fainted before I got there,picked myself up of the floor and managedto get to a bed,down stairs, rested on the bed down stairs before going back up, still seating and feeling dizzy, so lay on the couch untill I felt I could get back to bed. The episode took about half and hour.Ok today except 4 cuts and bruises that I got from falling.
—Guest Wynn Wallace

A strange experience

I fainted once, when I was seventeen. I was casually skimming through a magazine, and started reading someone's description of having a heart attack. The person in the article described pains in his chest: I started to feel a pressure weighing down on my own chest, and a strange overpowering sleepiness. I had time to wonder what was happening to me, and perhaps to feel frightened, before consciousness slipped away. I would guess I wasn't unconscious for long, perhaps only a few seconds. When I came to, slumped in my armchair, it seemed as if I had just closed my eyes for a moment, and I hoped that was what had happened, but my mother told me I had fainted. I felt weak and confused at first, and when I took in what had happened I was embarrassed, then ashamed of myself and angry with myself. I am glad now I know what the experience is like.
—Guest Evan

Over exertion

The first time I fainted I was 14 and it was a 40 degree day (hot in oz) and as soon as I woke up I jumped in the pool and spent all day without eating/drinking. Had a hot shower and when I walked out I fainted and fell backwards in the bathtub and had a lot of bruises. Thank good ess i didnt lock the door but it was still exhausting having to clamber out of the tub. "lLuckily the bath wasn't full. Then at 18 I went to the gym after having recovered from a fever and nearly vomited then came close to passing out, I collapsed but I don't think I lost consciousness I was just extremely disoriented and confused... Needless To say it wasn't nice or fun! Fainting never is.
—Guest Hey there

Fainted.. for da first time

I don't remember what I did but I was being lectured by my mom for doing something bad during winter break, and I was going to prepare breakfast but my mom stopped me so dat i will listen to her lecture. Then, I felt, dizzy and i had to sit on the floor. then my ear started making really weird noises and i couldn't hear my mom, so I was in the middle of telling her I can't hear her, then i felt something filling up my ears and then the next thing i know im in bed and it's like 3 pm and i was really hungry so I got up and my mom's like " You fainted so I took you to the bed. Then you continued on by sleeping." I was so hungry and my breakfast was still sitting on the counter. And so I ended up eating breakfast at 3: 30 pm.
—Guest Sato

Fainting in Class for the first time.

In one of my college classes we were talking about Child birth, and a few students in the class room were being very descriptive. I have a very sensitive stomach and I was getting queasy, I couldn't write anymore, so I got up to use the rest room and to give myself a few minutes before entering the class room again. As I got up to leave, I started walking to the door and suddenly my balance started to get thrown off, everything started to get very blurry and as I reached for the handle, I couldn't find it and the next thing I know I'm sitting on the floor with the whole class staring at me and my teacher called the paramedics.
—Guest Monica

Zero Gravity fair

Me and my friends were at the fair one night(I'm in 12th grade) and my favorite ride is the zero gravity so we went on it like 6 times and when we got off I was staggering and they were like are you okay and I said yah I'm just dizzy and then I just remember waking up in the hospital with my friends cause I was out for like 30min or so I was just really embarrassed
—Guest Ellie

Science lesson

In year 7 at school we were gonna do heart disection. I knew that I cant do blood or anything like that so I stood outside the classroom. I could hear them talking about it then I fainted. No one was there though because it was in the middle of a lesson! I woke up and my science teacher and school nurse were both staring at me!
—Guest prone to fainting

A few times.

I have a total of 3 times since i was 12. The first time was when I was hiking in the woods, the second time embarrassingly in gym class, and the third and most recent time was when I had donated blood. I know the first two were due to dehydration and the third time was I believe because my blood pressure dropped to an all time low in such a short amount of time. I actually fainted twice after donating blood, within two hours, and almost a third time but my mother prevented it. I know for certain I always black out before I can begin to collapse. Others have told me I basically flail around, for a minute or so until I eventually faint, but I have no recollection of it. Additionally I hear ringing in my ears and lights becomes incredibly bright, before everything turns black. I always vomit immediately after fainting. Luckily every time I black out before fainting I'm not given the chance to fall because someone has always caught me. Its scary, but you do feel alot better afterwards.
—Guest Sam

When I Fainted I...

Firsthand Fainting Stories

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