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Readers Respond: Readers Share Experiences with Cheerleading Injuries and Treatment

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Updated October 19, 2008

From the article: Cheerleading Stunt Injuries
Cheerleading is often disregarded as a sport, but it's as demanding and dangerous as any other. Readers share stories of their -- or their children's -- cheerleading injuries and the treatment they received.

many injuries

Ive been cheering for 12 years and last year, i was doing a toeback and when i came out of it, i landed on my ankle wrong. i heard a pop, but i walked it off. later, when i was tumbling at the gym, i was trying to land a double full, and i majorly landed on the same ankle. it popped again and i collapsed to the ground. My coach told me that i was fine and that i should get up and try again so i did. i was angry at my coach and i was crying really hard, but i stuck it, then coming off of the mat i landed on it the wrong way and passed out from the pain. (i usually take pain pretty well) when i woke up, there were paramedics around me. i went to the er and found out i tore 2 ligaments and my achilles tendon. after surgery and physical therapy forever, im still not better and they want to go in for another surgery. since then i have also dislocated my kneecap, had two concussions, and torn my acl :) i
—Guest brooklinne


Today (1-2-12) I was practicing my fills on the tumble track & I fell on my neck on my last one y body crumpled over me and I can't move my neck or back without being in major pain I'm going to the doctor tomorrow ... Wish me luck !
—Guest Kayla


We were doing some simple stunts and i feel flat on my back i already have scolionosis but now my back is in alot of pAin and i can bAraly do a back handspring without cring
—Guest Cheerfreak


I was doing a pyramid and There are 5 stunts the 2 on the outside are me and another girl doing halves and in the middle to and next to me Is a girl I hold up to do a heelstrech extended and so anyways it went fine but when I came down we sponged and the bottom of my chin and stuff hit me front spotters head and I bit my tounge and my tounge was bleeding and I broke my jaw and competition is 3 weeks away.
—Guest Arielle

broken back

about two months ago i was stunting on a level 4 team and my flyer was amazing we were doing pun ch doubles.... i was basing and i was the tallest in my stunt group and when the flyer was coming down i caught her and didnt absorbe with my knees and fell forward and my back just snapped i couldnt even walk no i have broken l5s in my back so i can never do cheer ever again in my life. and i am only 12 i have to were a back brace for about 1 year.
—Guest emily

Trusting my base.

I am not a regular flyer, but when my coach was just introducing me, and the other girls to shoulder stands for the first time, she had me be one of the flyers. I stood on my friend Amber's shoulders, 5feet or more up in the air. I was nervous and was shaking. Amber called it off for me to jump down, but when preparing to jump, I fell backwards, on my butt. I couldnn't turn my head, or look to my side. My back hurt for 4weeks straight, yet, I still got back up on Amber's shoulders, I trusted her, and knew it was my fault I fell.
—Guest Rachel


My friend tore her right ACL her junior year doing a partner back tuck and was out 8 months. She got better and we were practicing for our last pep assembly and she tore her left ACL doing a arabesque. She's now doing physical therapy and won't be able to cheer all of her senior year.
—Guest Haylee


I was at practice, practicing my pyramid with the rest of my team. Everything was fine and normal but it was a new pyramid and we were just learning it. I am a base and was in the middle stunt group with 2 main groups on the side and two on the outside of them. We then proceeded and the left group flyer freaked out and fell. She landed on my head with her elbow first, crashing down around my temple. I immediately started to cry and take a break to get ice. My coaches got worried when I felt sick to my stomach, swelling would not go down, dizzy and my pupils were NOT the same size(one was EXTREMELY small the other very large). I was taken to the E.R. and got an examination and a few tests. I was diagnosed with a mild sports related concussion. I get HORRIBLE head aches and migraines ever since.
—Guest Megan

Base accident

Most people seem to think that only flyers can get hurt, but this is very un true! While I was lifting someone into a full extension, she was about to cradle down and she punched me right in the face. I had a black eye for about a week. OUCH!
—Guest Jessica


As a cheerleader for 12 years i though i had felt enough pain, until i tore my acl and meniscus. Tumbling with a level 5 team the coach told me to do a running full, but as i was falling I did not twist all the way and landed 3/4 of the way. Making my leg bend in a way it was not suppose to and popped. Standing up telling myself im not gonna cry and telling the coaches im alright, i go to tumble again. After 15 mins of trying to put weight on my left leg, i could not stand the pain. I had to go to three doctors and WAIT 4 months until i knew what happened to my knee. After surgery my leg looked like somebody had just punched my leg ten times leaving huge bruises. Physical therapy was definitely not my friend. Now im wearing a brace but still cheering in college.
—Guest Brittny


I was at cheer camp and we broke up into stunt groups. I am a base & I didn't plan on flying. But they said it was a trust thing that i had to so i did. My bases didn't catch me & I hit the ground. I messed up my shoulder bad. I saw a doctor they took xrays, but the doctor didn't even know what to do or say he had never seen anything like it before. So now I am being sent to an Orthopedic Surgeon with the possibility of surgery, theropy, or rebraking.
—Guest guest

My neck

When i was fifteen, I was flying and my stunt group had me in a prep. I went to cradle, but something went wrong, i ended up doing back flips while being cradled. My stunt group just stepped away and did not even attempt to catch me. I fell on my neck with the rest of my body on top of me, on the hard gym floor. I was so lucky to have not broken my neck. It still hurts from time to time and i am 19 now.
—Guest Lauren


i was in cheerleading practice and i was in a full extension pendulum, when i proceeded with my stunt, my stunt group were not the to catch me, i fell straight to the floor on my back. i have a vertibray that has proceeded to deteriorate and the pain never stops.
—Guest guest.

Broken Arm

My best friends Amanda and her boyfriend Luke are both Cheerleaders for their school team. Once when Luke and some other guys were stunting Amanda after practice just to mess around; they dropped her on her shoulder and she ended up breaking her shoulder. She is still in a cast but she still come to all the practices and games to cheer on her team.
—Guest anna

My storyy

I was tumbling on a tumble track one night and landed half on the metal and half on the tramp, my knee rolled in and I fell screaming (might I add I take pain very well) I later went to the er I was diagnosed with osgood schlatters disease and weak patellar placement, I was sent to physical therapy and began coping with the pain. About 8 months later I developed a bakers cyst on the back of my knee. An MRI was done(which was not done earlier in May) and my orthopedic surgeon found that I had a severly torn meniscus, and a degenerative cartalige disease. The meniscus had repaired itself in the complete wrong way, meaning he would have to cut it to repair it. So 2 weeks later I had outpatient meniscus repair surgery, the surgeon had to snip my meniscus and resew the cartalige together, now I'm pushing through a rigorous PT program that has been very painful and tough for me trying to regain all strength for my all-star season starting january 3(I had my surgery November 30)
—Guest sccheer62

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