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Readers Respond: Readers Share Experiences with Cheerleading Injuries and Treatment

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Updated October 19, 2008

Cheer Fall

we were at our competition and during performance i was part of a one man stunt and fell back onto my head and shoulder. I was knocked out from the impact and had a concussion and now some lasting back pain. my spotters didnt catch me =\
—Guest cami

broken arm

I was practicing back handsprings outside for cheerleading, I bailed out of the back handspring after a bad round off but I still went flying through the air. I didn't want to land on my head or neck so I stuck my arm out. I now have a broken arm, need surgery and am not allowed by my parents to ever tumble again. I'm so upset!!!!

My experience

My face got slashed open by another cheerleaders braces when throwing a basket toss. The flyer came down with so much force we both leaned forward
—Guest Cassidy

Cheerleading Accident

This past week we were at a competition and I was in a one man and I got distracted and feel landing on my back and shoulder. I got rushed to the emergency room and ended up with a broken collarbone and fractured hip. I am not going to go back to cheer for at least a year. This was the most terrifying time ever for me! This definitely has changed my life forever. I want to go back as soon as possible but I don't want to fly and don't think I will be able to. I do understand that accidents do happen but when you're at a competition and there are spotters behind you who don't run to catch you then that's a bit ridiculous!
—Guest Marina

My Back

Last cheer season we were at a football game. Me and the other flyer went up with the sign. We were only in an elevator. We raised up to the extension; a few seconds after we raised up my backspot moved from her position and let go of my legs. I fell as soon as she started walking down the football field. I fell right on my back and my bases could only catch my legs. I had a huge welt down my back and I was very very sore for a few weeks. I was so embarrassed! But I was lucky I was not greatly injured. I am still cheering for high school.
—Guest Brighton

Bashed my head

I'm a high school cheerleader and we were doing a stunt that involves a flyer standing on top of two other flyers already in an extention stunt. well.... the flyer at the very top fell as they were tossing her into the other two flyer's arms and one of the other two flyers fell on top of the very top flyer. the very top flyer's head was bashed directly with hard, blunt, force. her head was bleeding A LOTTT and she was rushed into the emergency room. turns out the skin on her head had split and was exposing the tissue/fat underneath. She needed staples to pull it back together.
—Guest Anonymous

My Poor Ankle

I was a cheerleader on a hard-core team. We practiced until we were doing out dance routines in the shower. I was a flyer in one of our best stunts, so I was pretty valuable. Unthinkingly along to the music at one practice, I got into the prep and was fine and then went into the tumbling sequence. I was just about to do the ever-popular somersault when the girl across from me landed ontop of me from her cartwheel. We fell over and were fine. There was a shooting pain in my ankle but I didn't think much of it. I continued until I was in tears. At the time I was young so the high school cheerleader who was helping my squad told me to sit and rest. My dad was one of the coaches so he came over and carried me over to the indoor portion of the practice. My dad is also an EMT and told me that I had a sprained ankle. I was to ice my ankle and elevate it as much as I could and use crutches. Although this put me behind in practice, we still placed 1st in our competition.
—Guest Samantha

Cheer Injury

Hi Rod. At 5'8 I was not the best choice for lifts...so I was mainly a base. However, our coach wanted us all to learn the lifts etc.... I was standing on the shoulders of my partner and I slipped off and fell flat on my back. My first though was "how am I going to tell my mother?" I was lucky ...although I could not move for a short period of time (seriously thought I was paralyzed). I recovered but never had to do lifts again! happily I went on to become a pro cheerleader, but I did know a girl who fell on her head and lost her sense of smell and taste permanently.
—Guest lynn

Cheer injuries

I was a high school cheerleader from 1993-1997. During a summer practice out on the grass, I was dropped from a basket toss gone wrong. The girl who was supposed to catch under my arms, caught my ankles instead and I landed on my head/neck. I was knocked out for a few minutes and was rushed to the ER. I ended up breaking my C5 and C6 vertebrae. I was very lucky. If the fractures had been the next vertebrae up I would be paralized or dead. I was in traction for weeks and spend numerous hours in physical therapy which was extremely painful. I wish there were stricter guidelines which every school district MUST follow and be accountable for. We should not have been performing those stunts out on the school lawn according to the Oregon High School Atheletic Assosciation. I urge parents to be involved with their childs extracuricular activities and know the guidelines that each state has set so these types of accidents can be avoided.
—Guest Clkelly

Split Injury

Over New Year's I was with some friends,and we were dancing, and my friend goes "Mandy do the splits!" And i can do them..but I hadn't stretched before i flexed lol. So I felt something pop and my left hip still hurts and it is now almost April, and I just now had Began going to phys. therepy..I'm off all sports for awhile and can't go back to gymnastics until May.
—Guest Mandy

My injury

A friend and I were just doing a shoulder sit and we both knew what we were doing, and then she flung me off before i was ready without saying anything! I landed flat on my back and we were just on a wrestling mat that was on the concrete floor. My back&my tailbone were sore for months.
—Guest Mandy

Wasn't worth it

At the time, I thought life was about fun on the field and "taking it for the team." I was a base, although I was not built for it. Often times, the other base and spotter would back out of catching the flyer because they didn't like her (and in retrospect, probably did not like me either). Consequently, I had immense lower back pain. It progressively got worse and worse. At first, I wouldn't be able to stand up after the catch, but after 5 or 10 minutes, it would go away. Then I couldn't even walk when I woke up in the morning... I couldn't sit in a desk, let alone stand up from one. This was 7 years ago. I still randomly have severe, debilitating back pain from things as simple as picking a pen off the floor. I'm only 22 - Saying cheerleading wasn't worth it is an understatement.
—Guest Jess

cheer accident

Yes my 12 year old daughter who cheers for middle school was dropped about 8 weeks ago. She broke her shoulder and knocked he ball and joint out of socket. She did have a surgery and had to have pins put in the shoulder. This has changed her life over the last 8 weeks. I feel sso strongly about keeping her out of cheer now because of all she has been through. We still have months of physical therapy ahead of us. This sport is a passion to her but as a mother I am terrified that the next time we will not be so lucky! First was the elbow now the shoulder I do not want it to be her neck next time.
—Guest rebecca cook

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