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Readers Respond: Head Injury Symptoms

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Updated August 17, 2010

From the article: Head Injury

Head injury symptoms aren't easy to define because the brain is such a complicated organ and controls so many things. There are very obvious head injury symptoms, like a headache and very high blood pressure, but those symptoms usually only show up in the worst cases.

Since head injuries are all so different, here's a chance for readers to share their own personal experiences. Have you had a head injury? Did you suffer a concussion or some more serious traumatic brain injury? What happened and how did it feel?

See how others experienced head injury symptoms and share your own below.

Hit in the head with a fork lift

When I was in my 20s, I was loading a flat bed trailer with a fork lift. I got off of the lift to check something and when I jumped back on, I whacked my head against the overhead roll cage. I hit it hard too. I never had any one look at it right then, we had work to do. Later that eve, I had a head ache and pressure in there. Our family Doctor, who lived near by and often ate at our house, checked me out and told me to drink lots of water. He said that drinking lots of water causes your brain to fill your skull a little tighter and should stop any bleeding. This was in the late 70s and we didn't have a CT. I lived to tell the tale but have often wondered, is drinking copious amounts of water after a head injury of any benefit? The best answer is to wear your hard hat even when operating a lift. I enjoy your articles very much and often share them on FB. Continued success, Ed
—Guest Ed Hultgren
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