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Readers Respond: What Readers Keep in Their First Aid Kits

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Updated May 04, 2009

From the article: First Aid Kits

Do you keep a first aid kit in your car? Do you keep a first aid kit in your pantry or your bathroom? Did you make your own or buy it?

First aid kits aren't hard to make and readers like you have creative ways to build and store their first aid kits. Share your first aid kit tips and tricks with other readers just like you. You never know, maybe we'll feature your kit idea on About.com First Aid.

My kit comes to school with me!

I have started taking some basic things to school with me should I ever need to help a classmate. I have a pocket CPR mouthpiece, two torches, bandaids, bandages, painkillers, gloves and my medical journal which I keep all my important info in (like heart attack sypmtoms). =)
—Guest Con

first aid kit for home and car

my first aid kit goes everywhere with me. I have fully medical bag. I have 10 pairs of gloves, 40 antiseptic wipes, 40 plasters, 4 extra large bandages, 8 large bandages, 4 medium bandages, 4 eye bandages, 6 triangler bandages, pocket cpr face mask, sissors, twezzers, 2 large burns dressings, 2 medium burns dressings, 2 x 500ml sterile water, 5 x 20ml sterile water, 2 foil blankets, 2 ice packs. Tourch, aspirin
—Guest baz

first aid

I keep ace wraps, gauze, medical tape, alcohol, scissors, med list in my purse, and it stays in the bathroom.
—Guest Sonya m

Hint for first aid kit

My first aid kit is too extensive to name everything. It has grown as my family grew. Newspapers and keep fresh tape to make a splint for a fracture. I also have everything in zip lock bags. I also have white wash clothes in zip lock bags.A Clean white towel to place under a head. Baby wipes are always good to have. Of course I agree what others have above. That is all I can think of that you might want to add at the moment. Check your kit and refill after each use. Thank you for having this article.

First Aid Kits

I have a mini first aid kit in my purse. It has bandaids, neosporin, wipes, needles, thread, safety pins, etc.
—Guest Delores

my basic first aid kit

Mine has the basic betadine scrub, 4x4s, alcohol, ace bandages, and one important thing a paramedic taught me. Put in a couple overnight large sanitary napkins. They are great to put over larger bleeding wounds. They absorb a lot, are flexible so they can be wrapped around anything and you can use an ace bandage to wrap and hold it in place.
—Guest Densie

Check with your doctor

In my backpacking kit I keep broad-spectrum antibiotics, an epi-pen (epenephrine) and stronger pain medication (Hydocodone HCL ((Vicodin)). These are all wonderful things to have and all you need to do is ring your doctor and tell him its for first aid. Be careful--epinephrine lasts only a year.
—Guest Jason

dont use ipecac!

Ipecac is not to be used anymore. There is too much risk of aspirating (breathing in) of vomit and risk of choking. Better to call poison control and follow directions. call 911.
—Guest carbonero

My kit travels and grows with me

I have a general military tactical bag packed with First Aid supplies. I've started with a small plastic box with bandaids and added pieces to it as I had to handle more medical cases. I usually log the bag around with me.
—Guest Wulf

Do Band-aids Count?

I have a pre-packaged "first aid kit" that I think I got as a free gift with something else I purchased....or maybe it came with my car. I'm not sure if it once contained more things that have since gotten lost, but as of now, all it has is a bunch of Band-aids and some ipecac syrup.

I don't!

I don't keep one in my car, but I would really like to. I was in a situation last year where I was rendering aid at the site of a car accident and I thought I was going to have to perform rescue breathing the old school way--mouth to mouth. I'd like to have a basic first aid kit that includes a way to protect myself if I ever have to give "mouth to mouth" in an emergency.

Boat Emergency Essentials

We spend a lot of time on our sailboat. At the beginning of each season I make sure that the first aid kit has bandaids, pain/fever medication, and antibiotic cream. This way I know we will be all set should an emergency arise while under way.
—Guest georgette
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