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Readers Respond: Best Broken Bone Stories

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Updated May 18, 2009

Too many dogs

My daughters dogs stayed over one night, and slept in our bed. The large one pushed me out of bed during the night. I hit my chest on the nightstand hard enough to break the drawer....broken ribs....severe pain. Moral...me or the dog should sleep on the floor!
—Guest Barbara

still hurts

Contemplating walking down a set of five steps in the early morning winter of '07 trying to get my chihuahua to come up the icy stairs seemed wiser than walking down. You guessed it! She wouldn't come up and I fell fracturing three ribs about an inch from my spine and am still having serious pain. Was initially hospitalized for seven days with a tube in my chest. Ouch! still.........
—Guest Dewey


My 3 friends and I were playing a random game. We made a two story "mummy tomb" out of cushions, with me on the bottom and a friend on top. Another friend pushed my brother on top of the tomb, collapsing it. The kid above me fractured his wrist, and then he fell on me. It hurt. Although I think it was worse for him...
—Guest Light

broken ribs

i got steped on by one of my friends so i just layed down and i woke up in terrible pain so i went to the hospital and they did nothing about it
—Guest sam leonard

a bad move

After church one day I went to go play on the stage when I got twisted in the curtain I tried to get untwisted and went the wrong way and fell 3 ft I got knocked out and woke up and had no idea what happened. All I knew was my wrist hurt...a lot. I fractured my wrist!!!
—Guest flavia

broke rib twice through coughing

I broke my rib through severe coughing as I am an asthmatic. This caused severe pain and I was prescribed painkillers and told to rest. After 3 weeks it got better only to break again through sneezing and coughing, this time more painful. I was given morphine/tramadol/paracetamol and Ibuprofen and again told to rest. However I have days when its not very pain full and days when its very painful still. I am now 6 weeks down the line and still in some pain.
—Guest Mel

tree fight (tree won)

I had a partially fallen tree from an ice storm last winter. I cut it down myself. It fell on my chest. It was rotten in the middle and even with a proper notch cut it came down on top of me. Wife called 911 and paramedics responded. Said the tree weighed about 250 to 300 lbs. I had moved the tree off of me one handed and broken my wrist in the process. The life flighted me to a level one trama. Three partially broken ribs a broken wrist and the most remarkable set of purple bruises. Trauma doctor was amazed it was not worse. A lot worse. Thank god for narcotics. Ask for dilauded. Great stuff. At home now with my bottle of vicodin and trying to get the family to wait on me. My wife says you can get them to retire but they will always be Marines. Ooh raa !!! I am gonna cut that damn tree in to fire wood and roast meat over it.
—Guest Daniel


I was pretending to be spiderman and then I tripped and fell down the first story of my window I was very lucky that I survived but I also broke 10 bones including my ribs. NEVER PRETEND TO BE SPIDERMAN NEAR AN OPEN WINDOW!!
—Guest Joe Boe

Broken ribs?

My sheep jumped up and butted me in my mid section-now my little bottom ribs are very tender - I can breath ok, but it hurts to bend or slouch
—Guest Mary

Thank you very much

Biking a contact sport? Well, for me several times, and again recently. Often a car can "nudge" a bike with serious unintended consequences. Not sure my insurance would cover an accident without the other drivers information as again they sped off. Lawyers want "Auto Insurance " from me to open a case - but it's just me and my bike full time. Sure it's a painful relationship some times, but what good relationship doesn't hurt - both for good and ill. Well that's my two cents, and several curses as my cold reminds me those ribs need love'n as well. Your article has answered many of my fears. Thanks again so much PEACE! Portland Oregon
—Guest Chris


I was running up my deck to push someone in the pool and when I got to him he put his hands out and moved me just a little to much to the right.....and the side of my chest went into the railing causing ......fractured ribs. Couldn't laugh, cough or breath.
—Guest Paddywagon

8 Broken ribs/ Pneumothorax

I was T- Bared at a red light (I was not moving) Hit at 10km. my door smashed my arm into my side breaking 8 ribs/ colapsed lung/ punctured. I was taken to hospital were they put a tube into my chest with no freezing or pain killers... The pain was horific....I was on a morphine drip plus pump. the pain was so bad the next day they had to give me an epidural....for five days... This accident was caused by a younger male between the age of 22/25 I live in Toronto...Speeding almost killed me it is two months later and I am still suffering terrible pain.
—Guest Don Cameron

Broken Rib?

I've just used my chest to barge open a door that was slightly frozen shut. Instead of using my shoulder, I thought it would need a gentle push as it wasn't that stiff to open. What I forgot is the lighter in a chest pocket. Jeez.. that hurt but I thought I'd just bruised myself. A week later and there's no bruise on the skin, nor swelling, but I think I coughed yesterday and it's made things (pain when coughing or moving) so much worse. If I fractured a rib initially, now I can sort of feel it wobbling or moving. It's disconcerting!
—Guest Paul

Broken Rib or Not?

I was sparring when I got into a grip I couldn't get out of. The bear hug like grip caused a muscle under my left chest to go. The feeling wasn't painful but odd. I won the match, but I've had mild pain there for about two weeks and there is a slight bulge over that part of the rib where I felt the muscle go. I'm thinking it is just the muscle damage I am feeling but am not sure. However, I have no problem breathing and it only really hurts if I sneeze really hard. So, I am thinking the damage is mild at best and will heal on its own. I figure a doctors visit may just be a waste of time, since no more severe symptoms have occurred.
—Guest Flakman

Broken Ribs

I got assaulted and got kicked in the ribs 3 times by a 18 stone man, I never went to hospital as there is nothing they can do. So I take painkillers to make the days bearable

funny broken bone stories

i was playing hopscotch in fifth grade when i tripped a broke the side of my foot! i also was doubled bounced on a trampoline when the person fell and landed on my foot then two weeks later when i went back onto the trampoline still with the cast i some one tripped and fell on me
—Guest Katy
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