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Readers Respond: Sounding Off About Spider Bites

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Updated March 02, 2009


I was bitten 17 times by two white tail spiders in my sleep. I found the two spiders in my bed, one big one was dead and the smaller one barely alive which I soon took care of. There were multiple bites on me with two different size fang marks. They weren't painful at first but after a couple of days they were all very painful. The spiders were apparently defending themselves as I was fighting them in my sleep. There are two very sore bites on my shoulder where they were caught in my pyjamas. It has been ten days now and I am still in excrutiating pain and the bites are still angry. I also still have swollen lymph nodes from the major bite on my shoulder. Don't believe anyone who tells you spiders don't bite more than once because if they are defending themselves they will definitely stick the fangs in and these carry bacteria so the bites can be just as much a problem as bites with venom.
—Guest Lorena

Spider bite

Got bite last Sunday and after much swelling and looking like I had two knees this morning I went to Dr. office and was diagnosed with a spider bite. Had to deaden and drain areas and Dr. said when I go back for re-check on Monday if not better may have to have surgery.
—Guest vilda

spider bite no. 13 on leg looks like DVT

Looks like when my grandpa had a leg ulcer. Hardening of the arteries, blood clots, deep vein thrombosis should be looked at by an ultrasound test. Also do a culture for MRSA to be safe (esp. if diabetes is present).
—Guest dw

Painful aftermath

Got bitten by a spider in my garden in Melbourne about 5 days ago. Didn't notice instantly but it started to hurt a little later on that night. Ached for a while but got progressively worse over course of 3 days. Large red patch and hard skin, sore to touch. Went to doctor and got precreibed flucloxacillin antibiotics and antihisthamine. Started taking them last night but had to call in sick to work as I have a standing job and the leg is sore to walk on, been limping a bit. Hope it heals soon :(
—Guest Jen

Nasty Spider

Hi, This past July (2010) I was outside on my patio, with my feet up on the table around 9:30 at night. I live in CT. which I was under the assumtion that Violin Spiders were very uncommon this far North. Anyway got bit by what the Doctors would all agree was one of these Spiders on my left foot right below my ankle. Thought it was a mosquito and really didn't think much of it until about three days later. Foot was really ichy, tender, burny, and when I finally looked at it very red, somewhat swollen with one area I guess where the bite actually occured raised and purple. I simply thought that from scatching it and my work boots irritating it, it became infected. I put for a hole week a triple-antibiotic cream on it, until day 8 or 9 I developed flu like symptoms, chills, fever, aches and pains, and horrible sweating. Went to doctor who gave me low grade antibiotics. Three days later no better, but worse, nor to mention foot looked horrible. Finally went to hospital hooked up to I.V f
—Guest Jimmy P

on my way to sleep

Last Tuesday, I was on my way to sleep and a spider bit me, it feel like a peice of glass scrapped my leg. I got up and it was a little brown house looking spider, by the time i moved it was dead.Early This morning another spider 3 times as bigger was crawling up my bunk bed. When I get home I have to do a deep cleaning.
—Guest Michelle

red ring

I got bit by something I had two on my neck and one on my stomach, it must have fallen down my shirt. It was just a red itchy bump then hard and swollen then the nest day it had a large red ring around it, it's been 3 days now and is sore but just a little red.
—Guest karen

Spider bite

My boyfriend it bit while at work for a landscaping company. He never felt the bites, but about an hour later started to feel a burning sensation and tightness in his arm. It started to swell and looked red. He went to the hospital and the first thing they asked him was if he got burned. It was from his right shoulder all the way down the side of his arm. It is now 6 days after the bite. It seems to only be left along the side of his arm, where you bend your arm at the elbow. It turned darker and darker over the last few days. There was never any lump or blister. It started peeling today and looks just like a second degree burn. I have searched and searched to find out what kind of spider it was with no luck. The doctor seemed to think it was a black widow but I'm not convinced. I can't find any pictures or descriptions even close to what he has experienced.
—Guest Melody


I got a bite that i thot was just a mosquito bite. it was quite painful though and not very itchy. a red ring formed around it and it got bigger and bigger then the red ring disappeared and it wasn't painful anymore. i picked at it durring lessons and it started to pus. then i picked off the skin over the top of it and there was a solid white ball on it. there was blood all around it and when i tried to take it out it HURT. so i stuck a plaster on it. i left it for a day and i took the plaster off.. the white ball came out and blood followed it. it was disgusting! only a tiny bit painful. my dad said it was an egg cause it wasn't attached to my body. scary thought.. but my arm is healing with just a small scar (:
—Guest Nor


Most of the spider bite I'm reading about sound like brown recluse. I was bitten years ago in several spots by brown recluse and never felt the bites. One on my calf, big hard red itchy spot, that eventually pussed up, and my ankle swoll up and was very painful. then got one on my forearm and the same thing happened to my wrist, swollen by the time I got the last bites on the top of my foot it caused almost no symptoms. But because spider bites affect everyone differently, you should always go to the doctor, your skin can rot off !! (google images eew) Brown recluses like tight places which is why they are often in your bed under the covers, they also like old newspapers, dirty laundry, and any place they can squeeze in somewhere, since they don't build webs. they're small and regular brown with tiny bodies & longish legs compared to body, if you can see it, the design on their back is kind of shaped like a violin
—Guest RebeccaOlesen

Bug Bites

I'd like to know the identity of those bugs that bit me. I'm guessing they're probably chiggers, not spider. They have 6 legs. I read that chiggers prefer women/kids to men due to thin skin. I was terrorized by multiple bites EVERY nite! I saw 2-3 (gray, & brown ones). Voracious appetites! Live in clusters under & on bed. Followed us if we sleep other than bed. Didn't seem to bite him just me. This happened in MD, July. Never bit just 1ce, always Bitten multiple times in rows of 4-6 bites, some groups; turned to blisters when 2% hydrocorto cream applied. Never saw them on me but saw some scurry away when I got up. They resisted spray, vacuum, bombs. Hard-shell, could not kill w/shoe. Bit arms, legs, ankles, back, shoulders, buttocks, neck, face, ear, belly. I didn't know what hit me. iFelt under attack & terrorized. A bed-ridden person wouldve been eaten alive & probably hospitalized/antibiotics after 1-2 weeks! I only got 6 5-hr nites & multiple bites all over every nite!

just got bit

i woke up at 2am with a bite on my leg and i had a headache. i thought it was a big mosqito or something so i slept downstairs. i woke up at around 230pm for some reason and it was bigger and red.so i put a cream on it and i typed this on the computer when i found this website. hope it gets better soon because it hurts and itches
—Guest guest aleks


this happend to me all the time. im very sensitive to all bug bites. ive been bitten by fleas,mosquitos spiders...oh my! almost postive im allergic! so n e ways,i live in rockland county ny and not sure what kind of spiders r here...i see little ones the size of lightening bugs in my house...and when i get bit i dont feel it. i just feel the itch. a small round welt-like bite. feels like a mosquito bite. then the next day when i get up its sore and has a blister on it. gross. i had one on my elbow that was a bunch of tiny blisters and i was putting neosporin on it and it went away, now i have one on my ankle. where i ALWAYS get them ,i have scars for all the damn evil spider bites! i hate them. what can i do to repel them. i have a daughter shes 5 n shes allergic just like i am and im afraid. its even scary to go to bed at night! i hate these things!
—Guest melissa_leb

Symptoms of my bite!

Don't know when I got bit behind the knee. The next day the bite area was surrounded by about a four inch red circle with clear outer edge. The bite was white or bluish in color. Stomach cramps for four days with bad headache. The bite area was red and hot - then it became a blister on top. For two days it oozed pus! After four days oozing quits, red circle is gone, but the area around is hard and red, except not in a circle, it hurts to bend my knee and now I am getting small blisters, and pus filled places around the bite area . The pus filled blisters are sore to touch. Am getting concerned because the leg bitten looks swollen. Could it have been a spider and if it was what can they do now. It has now been 6 days later and the hard places that are developing are very sore to the touch. I would appreciate any input on this situation. I thought after a week any bite would be getting better but this one just goes from one stage to another. I am concerned and worried.
—Guest Ann Farrior

possible white tail spider bites

I got bitten twice in a row in my sleep probably by a white tail spider. Both bites healed within seven days with pain inflammation to start and then when the pain decreased a little scab was left at the bite site. This then when agitated on the seventh day came off with around three cm of gunk which then left an open hole. Cleaned it up and super glued the holes together and now no more drama. My body is weird
—Guest Erica

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