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Readers Respond: What Are Your Nausea Remedies?

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Updated March 11, 2009

When your stomach is rolling and you're starting to feel miserable, how do you stop it? How about the kids? What makes them feel better?

Nausea can be worse than pain when it comes to misery. At least with pain there's always medication. Nausea is harder to eradicate. Even if you could take a medication for it, it might not stay in your belly.

Share your best home remedy for nausea. Tell us your secrets and read those from others. Maybe one of our readers has the long lost cure for the mother of all medical complaints.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

When I was pregnant with my first child, nothing made me feel better and able to get food down. So I asked a naturopath friend what I could try, and she suggested grapefruit essential oil. I'd put a couple of drops on a kleenex that I'd put in my pocket, and every time nausea struck I'd take a quick whiff. Worked like a charm.

Seltzer water

Although some people say "flat soda" is best, I personally prefer bubbly seltzer water. The sweetness of flat soda makes me even queasier.

Cola Syrup

Cola syrup seems to help nausea slightly. The main reason I used it was for my children, as there are not any over-the-counter drugs for children under 6 or so.
—Guest Matt

Throwing up seems to help :-)

The best solution for my nausea is actually throwing up. I've even considered inducing vomiting to make nausea stop - I've never actually done that, but I've considered it.
—Guest Jenn

Homemade Chicken Broth

Generations of grandma's can't be wrong -- chicken broth works wonders when sipped slowly. But for me, it's only helpful if the chicken broth is homemade. When I am feeling queasy, I can't stomach the store-bought kind.
—Guest Sarah


I know this one is medically proven - I like to have some ginger ale or gingersnaps or such.


Some people say that pressing the center of your wrist with the thumb of your other hand relieves nausea. There's also a product called Sea Bands which are marketed as an anti-seasickness device (available through many sporting goods stores). They work the same way -- by applying pressure to the wrist.
—Guest SusanH

cold towel on the forehead

I place a cold towel on my forehead. Not sure why but it helps to cool you off and steady your breathing.

Rest in a Dark Room

When my stomach is upset, I eat bland food and lie down in a dark room.


try chewing ice or sucking it. lemon also lemon works
—Guest v


Eating an orange really helps it reduses the bad feeling
—Guest Alice asha


I have ulcers and endometriosis, so i feel sick all the time. Some good tricks are anything ginger, a tea made with chamomile and peppermint leaves. Sniffing a lemon also works great. Another tip is if your lying down and yr feeling the urge to throw up, turn your head to the side and it will pass... you cant throw up if your neck is at that angle. Also water water WATER. A spoonful of honey with cinnamon sprinkled on top work great for fast relief that also gets rid of that nasty taste...
—Guest Lacey


Alright so I am lactose intolerant and my doctor gave me some medication that helps me digest, but sometimes it isn't enough. I've found several things that help me when start feeling sick: if I'm not home/out with friends I take a couple mint tic-tacs, I start feeling worse the minute I taste them, but after a few minutes I feel loads better. Flat ginger ale helps a lot too, if you can't wait for it to go flat try taking little sips of it carbonated. Crackers, either saltines or ritz, I prefer ritz but I keep both around. Try taking your mind off of it, read a book, listen to some music, call a friend, whatever. Lastly I like to go into a dark, semi-lit room and just lay down with some cool air blowing on me, relax, mabey take a shower/bath depending on how bad I feel, and sleep. Laying down on my back with my head slightly elevated seems to be the best. Also drink lots of water, as it can help flush your system and make you feel better.
—Guest Robby


Mild nausea can be fixed by cooling yourself a little bit. I find that if I lay in bed and face my fan towards me without any blankets on, that my nausea will go away. I'll feel cold, but not nauseous. However, extreme nausea will most likey only be fixed by vomitting.
—Guest Trisha

tips for nauseas

get wet washcloth, put it on your neck from ear to ear, take slow deep breathes
—Guest pam

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