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Hot Wax Burn on Fingers

Submit an Entry: Pictures of Injuries and Burns

By elliot

Updated November 12, 2010

Hot Wax Burn on Fingers

the next day

Hot Wax Burn on Fingers

week later skin gone hard

Location of the injury

3 fingers right hand

What kind of injury is it

fingers burnt right around skin with boiling wax

What happened

At a BBQ a coconut husk which had 4 old candles burning in it burnt down to the end then the wax caught alight and so too did the husk

tried to lift it to put it in a bucket (mistake) and the wax boiled over onto my hand which made me drop it and also burn my foot

just look up on Google what to do the next morning and keeping infecting out is the most important so a lot of cleaning, have been learning how to many things now with my left hand typing this is even a chore

What I'd Do Differently

  • not to try to moving anything on fire after some beers

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