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Burn Blisters from Hot Oil

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By Sarah F

Updated February 16, 2011

Burn Blisters from Hot Oil

Burn blisters from hot oil to forearm

Location of the injury


What kind of injury is it

Burn off oil from a deep fat fryer

What happened

I was getting a bowl of chips out of the fryer (temperature approx 160 degrees celsius) wasn't concentrating and missed the bowl, splashing oil all over my forearm.

I had to keep my arm in a bowl of cold water for over 15 hours because of the pain, the following day I ended up going to hospital and was told I should have immediately.

The nurse popped the blisters with a needle and then properly dressed the burns.

What I'd Do Differently

  • Pay more attention to what im doing whilst dealing with oil that hot.
  • Go to hospital immediately to get it covered, making it less likely to get infected.
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