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Reader Submissions: First Aid for Shortness of Breath


Updated March 25, 2010

About.com First Aid readers share their stories of sudden shortness of breath. Maybe it was their first experience feeling short of breath or maybe they have chronic asthma and breathing difficulties aren't that uncommon. Either way, our readers are a wealth of information on how they handled their own shortness of breath, providing you with valuable tips for future bouts of shortness of breath -- at home or away.

I Think Pain Causes My Trouble Breathing

I get winded walking down my hall, doing the dishes, the laundry,changing the sheets on my bed. I can't walk up and down stairs it becomes too painful. I have Bursitis in both hips and I suffer from …More

Shortness of Breath from Anemia

I used to wake up breathless,gasping for breathe. This happened on several nights, but quite spaced out. So I would forget about it I thought it might be 'sleep apnoea'm but I don't think it is now I…More

Trouble Breathing But ER Found Nothing Wrong

After I feel like i am going to have a heart attack I start breathing ok. then I play some more then I don't have any more problem. use to play full court basketball with no breathing problems.now I …More

Get Winded Easily

Now a days whenever i climb stairs of 2-3 floors i run out of breath.The tasks which i use to do earlier with ease...now i face problems doing it...like climbing stairs or walking for some distance. …More

The Doctor Said It was "Normal"

Well, I no longer get face peels. I had blisters covering my entire face. Even in my eyes. I am so fortunate to have had a team of professionals working on me.They literally saved my life. I had MRS…More

Avoiding Exercise

I was surprised to see that I couldn't finish a sentence, I had to stop, breathe, then continue. I always sing in the car, lately, I can't do that without taking air every four or five words. I have …More

Shortness of Breath from GERD

I sit up straight, dizzy and all, walk to the water pipe in my bathroom and drink a glass of water. This opens the throat and I can breath again but still with a little feeling of something in my thr…More

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