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Rash Won't Go Away

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By Lee

Updated May 21, 2011

Rash Won't Go Away

Red, itchy, burning rash on neck & legs

How and where I found the rash

Red, burning, itching insanely on my neck and inner thighs of both legs, would not let me sleep. NOT heat rash!

Legs healed but still red after 3 months, but neck rash will not go away!

What I did about the rash

Saw a dermatologist who said it is a fungus & I have been treating it on my neck with prescription fungal med & still won't stop. Still looks same after 3 months. I have also used zinc oxide, which makes it feel better and not look so red, but no cure. Also I've put coconut oil on the rash, as it is supposed to kill fungus, bacteria and virus. Another oil I used is Tamanu Oil from Australia, which is supposed to cure everything, but alas, nothing has worked.

I am very frustrated that this won't go away, I've never had anything like it and hope to never have it again, if it ever heals!

What I'd Do Differently

I do not know what to do differently, don't know what it is, nor what to do about it. Have been researching on net re: gluten rash, as I stopped gluten, dairy, and soy after I read about disastrous consequences of these products. I have Celiac Disease and since I stopped gluten, dairy and soy, my intestinal problems: diarrhea, cramps, nausea, headaches stopped for the past 3 months! Possibly my rash is a gluten rash, Dermatitis Herpetiformis, which fits my rash. The article says "People with long-standing dermatitis herpetiformis usually have continuously reddened skin where their rash occurs." I have this.

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