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Bumpy Rash on Chest

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By Samantha

Updated November 02, 2011

Bumpy Rash on Chest

Only on my chest

How and where I found the rash

I found this rash on my chest a day ago. Small red bumps with white in center. They don't hurt unless i run my finger across them.

What I did about the rash

I still have it and can't find any photo's that are relating to what I have. I don't want to freak out and go to the doctor until I get a better understanding of what it is. I have never been allergic to anything, nor have I been in any kind of contact with poisen ivy or poisen oak. I never have had this outbreak before!

What I'd Do Differently

  • Hmm.. no lesson learned yet because I can't seem to find any information on what it could be!

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