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Swollen Forehead

Submit an Entry: MRSA and Other Skin Infection Pictures

By Zoe

Updated September 11, 2011

Swollen Forehead

The day I 1st went to my doctors

Swollen Forehead

The 1st day I went to E.R

Where is the infection (arm, leg, etc)?

My head.....On the right front part of my forehead right on the hair line.

Why I think it's MRSA, staph or something else

The 3rd doctor said so. And I got better

How it happened

Hit my head on cabinet. Had a small scratch did not think it was even worth talking about the cut was so tiny. Then 2 weeks later I swelled up. Went to my doctor he said it was allergies. The next day both eyes swelled shut my head was HUGE went to E.R. I was told the same thing again allergies. Then on the 3rd day I drove 2 hours to another hospital I had not gotten any better. I was there not even 15mins and I was told it was mrsa. I was treated given antibiotics and ointment for infected area and for the inside of nose to be safe my doctor said. I healed quickly and returned to wrok 32days later grrrrr! I found a new doctor and have started to do things differently.

What I'd Do Differently

  • Be my own best advocate. I will always get a 2nd opinion and if by chance I have to go to E.R it will be a 2 hour drive.

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