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MRSA on Child's Finger

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By Laura M.

Updated December 13, 2010

MRSA on Child's Finger

MRSA blister on index finger of 2 yr old

MRSA on Child's Finger

2 yr old with MRSA blister on index finger

Where is the infection (arm, leg, etc)?

index finger

Why I think it's MRSA, staph or something else

We thought our 2 year old had a spider bite his finger one night. We took him to the local UTC for treatment the 2nd day after we first noticed the blister and the doctor told us he suspected MRSA. Turns out he was right (he lanced the blister and had the pus cultured). We most definitely made our son take all of the medicine prescribed and followed up with bleach baths too. So very scary that this happened to our very young child. Now every time he gets a skin bump or blister we do nothing but worry that it may be MRSA again.

How it happened

We don't know how it happened. We think he contacted it from one of those grocery carts with the "car" attached in front. We just noticed a small - medium sized blister on his finger one morning. We thought it was a spider bite and put a band-aid on it so he wouldn't pop the blister. After 2 days the blister was black and huge and the surrounding skin was red and swollen; actually his whole finger was swollen and also some of his hand. We figured it was time to see a doctor, but by this time it was the weekend and the fastest way to be seen was our local Urgent Treatment Care Center. We took him in and the doctor on duty immediately thought MRSA, something we never suspected. He lanced the blister, wrapped it in bandages and our son was prescribed oral antibiotics and Bactroban cream for the finger to be used at bandage changes. We also had to give our son a bleach-bath every night for the first week, then once a week for a month, and then once a month for the remainder of the year. All of which we did.

What I'd Do Differently

  • We never take any of our kids to the grocery store unless we absolutely have to and if we do we spray Lysol all over the cart.
  • We will take him or any of our kids to the doctor much sooner if suspect MRSA again.

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