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MRSA Only in the Toes

Submit an Entry: MRSA and Other Skin Infection Pictures

By hookem567

Updated November 15, 2011

MRSA Only in the Toes

Full blown infection, day it was cultured.

MRSA Only in the Toes

4 weeks later finally healing

Where is the infection (arm, leg, etc)?

Big Toes

Why I think it's MRSA, staph or something else

After two weeks of infection, a doctor finally did a culture on my toe that came back positive for MRSA.

How it happened

I had my non-infected, ingrown toenails removed on a Monday; the next day I had swelling followed by cellulitis on Wednesday. I went to a Dr on Thursday who started me on Bactrim. My stomach could not tolerate the Bactrim so the doctor put me on Zpac. The infection continued to grow, pain started moving up my foot so I went into urgent care. The doctor on call wrote me another prescription for antibiotics and refused to culture it. One week later went to another urgent care after the infection spread further, the doctor did a culture but assured me it was more than likely not MRSA. I started taking Cipro with a probiotic that Sunday. 3 days later the results came back positive for MRSA, I was put back on the Bactrim with more probiotics. Wound began to heal but not completely, went back to doctor 5 days later and was put on clindamycin. Stomach couldn't tolerate it, was put in hospital for IV antibiotics. I was in the hospital for 48 hours getting vancomycin and clindamycin through IV. I was sent home on Zyvox twice a day for 5 days. Infection is getting better but not completely healed, I have three days left on the Zyvox. Also, I had my nose cultured to see if I am a carrier and it came back negative so that means the MRSA is just in my toes.

What I'd Do Differently

I learned what an aggressive infection this really is. I did everything the doctor told me to do from soaking my feet to wound care and I still ended up with the infection. I am glad I was persistent about getting it cultured because I know I could have been in a very bad situation.

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