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Thought It wasn't Cold Enough for Frostbite

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By timothy J. Kosier

Updated December 07, 2010

Thought It wasn't Cold Enough for Frostbite

My frostbitten toe

Thought It wasn't Cold Enough for Frostbite

Closeup of frostbite on toe

Where I got frostbite

walking home, outside Westcliffe, CO.

fingers & toes.

What happened

Got stuck and had to walk 9 miles after sundown. Wearing nothing but socks/sandals lite gloves/coat.got home didn't notice blister on large toe and loss of sensation & swelling in all fingers & toes till the next morning, I was surprised cause it was in the upper 20's, not very cold at all.....Live and learn.

Lessons Learned

  • never fail to be prepared, no need for it to be 30 below to get frostbite. (I've weathered 35 below, no problem -- I WAS prepared then)

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