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Frostbite on Cheeks

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By Japeofapes

Updated January 30, 2011

Frostbite on Cheeks

Photo was taken after I took off my hunting clothing.

Where I got frostbite

52 miles from my village of Igloolik Nunavut Canada. 292 metres above sea level.

What happened

It was the 3rd week of January and I decided to go hunting, as it turned out it was -60 d. C. with the windchill. We were looking for caribou and my snowmobile windshield is very low profile. when we stopped for some tea, my partner saw my face and said " Oww man! Your face is 'frostbitten!'" So I thawed it with snow so I would not feel so much pain later on and it worked. My fingers also got frostbite but I did not thaw them with snow so I feel numb and stinging on the fingers.

Lessons Learned

  • Wear a fur lined parka with smaller hood around the face.

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