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Reader Submissions: First Aid Kits for Anywhere

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Tell us about your first aid kit. Do you have more than one? Share them all.

Where do you keep it? What's in it? Any advice for storing and keeping it up to date?

Maybe you're the type to organize all the bandages by size and put the expiration dates of your medication bottles in your calendar. Maybe you throw all those free Band-Aid dispensers from the school health fair in a drawer and call it a day.

Either way, you might have something to learn from the other side. Maybe you have something unique in your first aid kit that all of us need. Share your secret!

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Is this the first aid kit for the RV or is it kept in the garage? Is "first aid kit" just code for medicine cabinet?
List your ingredients for a successful first aid kit -- or at least list the stuff in your junk drawer.

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Share your secret for hiding your first aid kit or the item you think is a must have for everyone.

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