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Reader Submissions: First Aid Kits for Anywhere


Updated June 19, 2010

What's in your first aid kit? Do you have one or is it more like a junk drawer with adhesive bandages and a 12 year old bottle of hydrogen peroxide?

Share your first aid kit with others and read all about theirs. You may find your junk drawer is the most common. Or, you might see a unique way to store your first aid kit in the RV.

Either way, share with the world your expertise -- or lack thereof -- for building and storing first aid kits.

Sanitary Napkins have More than One Use

all the listings of the norm , band aids, scissors, gauze, tweezers, bee sting stuff, cold compress, mole skin, tape, thermometer, cpr mask, first aid field manual, gunshot wound kit, aspirin, ibupro…More

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