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Reader Stories: Disaster Stories

I've been to hurricanes on the Gulf Coast and wildfires in southern California. I've witnessed more local tragedies than I care to remember.

In all those cases, I've seen incredible examples of generosity, perseverance and humor.

I'm not unique. Have you seen it for yourself?

Do you have a story of incredible humanity in a time of crisis? Whether your experience came from Haiti, Mississippi, lower Manhattan or the house that burned in the night three doors down from you, you can share your story here.

Be descriptive. Don't be afraid to include humor as well as wonder. Our capacity for outrageous hilarity seems to grow exponentially in the midst of a disaster.

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Were you in the worst flood in history? Was it a car accident on the freeway? Tell us about the disaster.
Tell your story - what you saw and what you did. Be descriptive and include lots of detail

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What examples of humanity did you witness? How has this changed you?

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